Welcome, I am back from the dead

Posted on January 21, 2011

The first issue of Ross Vs. The Loss was in the format of a text only email to close friends on September 14, 2000. Well its now 10 years and 5 months later and I just completed a succsessfull football betting season (took Green Bay -2.5 to finish at $1,200) and decided that now is the time to resurecct my love for not only betting on sports but writing about it and sharing it. For those of you who have read me in the past you know that while posting my picks I also tend to comment on anything that happens to cross my mind as it relates to sports or other subjects as well. This practice will continue and the non sports commentary may even increase, including the occasional movie and TV reviews, as well as comments on what else affects or intrests me such as marriage, children, poker, and outdoor life. I am not doing this to make a million dollars, or to become famous, or to copy those who have achieved both of those things by writing about sports or betting. I am going to do this becuase just like on September 14, 2000 I thought it might be a fun thing to do and my friends may enjoy reading it and either betting on, or following the games I have selected to play. If you are not one of my friends and you have found this site then you have heard about it from one of my firends as I am not advertising it to anyone. As a matter of fact if I know that people are reading this outside of a fairly small group it will make me edit what I say and then its not as much fun anymore. I do not Facebook, I do not Twitter, never have and never will. takes up too much time. This is what I am going to do instead. Like it then read it. I am still learning this whole website creation thing step by step, and I am not concered with spelling for the most part or the look and feel to much, its really about the content. I just wanted to grab the name RossVs.the Loss and get somthing up to start with. Check back in in a few days as I am going to try to set up an archive page as I have old issues from and want to scan those in so you can see some of the old stuff. I will warn you some of the stuff is unbearable to read (for me anyway) but there are some goods picks in there as well. See you for now. Ps. This weeks picture is from the top of Mount Monadnock in Jaffery New Hampshire from 1/26/11, fun hike.

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