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Posted on May 5, 2011

What could have potentially been my last bet came up a winner last night. I am alive for now. Dustin Pedroia with two outs in the 7th inning hit a weak dribbler to third that was slightly mishandled allowing Petey to reach first. Then Adrian Gonzalez hit a grounder up the middle that was actually stopped in the outfield by Sports Illustrated cover boy Starlin Castro from the shortstop position! He made a diving scoop toss to second for what would have been the 3rd out and the end of my betting days. But the throw was not in time as Dustin made it into 2nd base sliding in. Still two outs and the Cubs make a pitching change, to the former great white hope for the Cubs back in the day, in Kerry Wood. Wood if you remember was suppose to be the next Roger Clemens after striking out 20 batters in one game his rookie year, but arm trouble has followed him ever since. He faced Kevin Youkilis who sends a smash to center for a triple sending in Pedroia and Gonzalez, giving me the win (Pedroia will score a run was the bet, see archive page). Once again I cannot stress enough the excitement level you reach even on a $24 bet. Especially in Baseball where each at bat can have a domino effect on the outcome. When those domino’s have to fall a certain way, and you are watching and waiting on each pitch to see if it can happen… and it does, you can’t beat it.

So I have $48.61 to play with tonight. Also of course the Bruins are on for a crucial Game 5. They cannot lose this game. If they do they lose the series. The defense has to be better. I sound like a broken record but they have been awful. They just do not take good care of the puck compared to the other teams I have seen in these playoffs. Thank god Thomas is playing the way he has been or the Bruins would have been teeing it up weeks ago. Not to mention, you have the other three teams in the playoffs with a Power Play success percentage in the 20′s, while the Bruins are at 7%! Hey, Frenchie behind the benchie, maybe its time to make some changes on the power play again. Jesus H. I would like to see a quick start by the Bruins. If that happens they can play great lock down hockey at times, just keep Lucic off the ice as much as possible. One interesting bet my site offers is the “Player to score the 1st goal of the game” proposition bet. Here is the list (the numbers given after the name are what you would win on a bet of $100):

Brad Marchand (Bruins) +1200
Chris Kelly (Bruins) +1500
David Krejci (Bruins) +1000
Dominic Moore (Lightning) +1500
Martin St Louis (Lightning) +800
Michael Ryder (Bruins) +1500
Nathan Horton (Bruins) +1000
Ryan Malone (Lightning) +1200
Sean Bergenheim (Lightning) +1500
Steven Stamkos (Lightning) +800
Tyler Seguin (Bruins) +1200
Vincent Lecavalier (Lightning) +800
Field (Any Other Player) +225

I find it very telling and not encouraging that the three best odds of scoring first are Lighting players. I guess when you have good scorers and multiple games against the Bruins in which you have scored in the first 20 seconds of the first period, then it makes sense. Is it worth $10 bucks to see if Seguin could get me a $120 bonus, or is Horton or Krejci a better bet? Maybe the smart bet is the Field? Betting $10 to win $25 does not exactly get the juices flowing but a win is win. However, I am certainly not in a position to be throwing darts and hoping for the best with long odds bets. I think the Preakness slap down taught me that lesson. On the other hand, with the Kitty this anemic maybe the play is to try and jolt some life back into the old girl and make a ballsy play.

Also going tonight at 9:05 pm est. we have the Mavs in game 4 against the Thunder. This game is in Oklahoma City. Game 3 was a crushing win by the Mavs who continue to impress. I think the main reason the Mavs are making this run is the coach. Rick Carlisle is a smart guy. Larry knew it when he hired him in Indiana after kicking Isiah Thomas to the curb. If you check his record you see he is a winner, and not always with very good players either. They guy can coach. He just ran circles around the self proclaimed budda man phony in Phil ( I have always had the best player in the league on my team) Jackson. The Thunder are also a great story and the atmosphere in the building in OKC is unlike anything in the NBA. Very refreshing. I will be attempting to watch both the Bruins and this game as well.

Yes, that is Tommy Boy once again in the picture above. This time he is in Mexico with his bride. Now, I don’t know about you, but could you ever picture yourself going down a slide holding up your hands like this and looking this way. This is the way my kids would go down a slide…when they were five!! I can almost hear the giddy high pitched scream squeaking out of him as he frolics down to the awaiting open arms of his schmoopy. As a big Patriots football fan, I can honestly say I gagged up a little throw up in my mouth when I first saw this. Again, Tom… please stop.

News & Notes

- Adrian Gonzalez is Fat. Go back and look at some not so old photos of A-Gone with the Padres. I think since the signing he truly is “Fat and Happy”. I first noticed that he is constantly adjusting his shirt in that way that guys who think they look pudgy do. I should know I did it for years. He pulls the tucked part out quite often because he wants to make sure there is some bagginess there so the gut is not as prominent. Hey, he went 4-4 last night and is killing it, so I could really care less, its just something I noticed.

- The ESPN production of the Red Sox/Cubs game last night was horrible. First rule of TV sports – do not miss any action. They had weird angles, cut in’s were late, and balls were in the air before you knew what happened at least three times. Not to mention that Valentine and company talked over the game with useless banter and ultra slow stories that went nowhere.

- Words Free with Friends is starting to ruin my life.

- Pool idea for tonight’s Bruins game. If you are watching with friends, send them a link to this site and have each person pick someone from the “Player to score the first goal” list above. Each put in $10 bucks and winner take all if someone hits it right.

- Best Bets are up to 14-7, one bright spot at least.

I have the Bruins game action and rooting interest already so I will lay off this game. Although the pull of Seguin as first goal bet is alluring…. nope can’t do it. Here it is:

Dallas Mavericks +4 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder ($27.50 to win $25)

It seems reactionary to bet Dallas after crushing them in OKC last game, but I just think they are a better all around team. Can OKC lose two games in a row at home? Yes. Will they? Not sure, but I will take the four points and find out.

50/50Bets:Record Overall = 56-54-1
Best Bets = 14-7
Win Percentage = 50.90%

Kitty Total = $183.61 ($48.61 available)
($135 tied up in Bruins to win the series bet)

SportsbookProfit/Loss = – ($957.82)

Long Odds Bets:Record = 1-22
Money Invested = $490.00
Winnings = $300.00

Poker & CasinoProfit/Loss = + $101.00

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