Comebacks And Blow-ups

Posted on May 5, 2011
Eastern Conference Finals


One of the best 4th quarter playoff comebacks I have ever scene. There are some good ones in my viewing history for sure including the Celtics in 2002 against the Nets. Paul Pierce, Antoine “The Gambler” Walker, and Kenny “Alimony”Anderson came back from 21 down to start the 4th, in game three of the Eastern Conference Finals. Interestingly on the other side of the loss were Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles, and Jason Kidd. Kidd missed three 3-point attempts in the closing minutes to help blow that game. Now 9 years later, Kidd, playing in the Western Conference Finals hits the most crucial three of the game to help the Mav’s comeback from 15 down with only 4:30 and change on the clock.

Having a bet on this game (Mavs plus 4 points), I tuned in fully after the Bruins game. I was behind a little on that game on my DVR and zipped through all the post game canadian accent interview crap and got to the start of the 4th quarter. When it go to a 15 point lead for the Thunder I actually paused it because I had reached real time and wanted to gather some fast forward minutes. I am such a DVR viewer at this point that sitting through even one commercial and not being able to zip by it drives me insane. While that was gathering time, I pulled up the season 7 finale of High States Poker. I watched a Rolex dealer that wanted to sit in with big boys go all in preflop for over $200K with a King/Queen suited versus Johnny “F”ing” Chan. What does Chan have? Aces, of course, and this idiot watch man actually buys in for another $200K right away!

So that took up about 10 – 15 minutes so I switch back over to the game and unpause with the plan of fast forwarding threw this blowout if the deficit creeps north at all. Instead I watch every second of a 17-2 run and the ensuing overtime. By the time OT came around you knew it was over for Thunder. For me, I was actually rooting for no OT because the Mavs’ were going to cover no matter which team hit the last second shot. OT was not my friend. But, I knew and so did everyone in the building despite the continued chants of O-K-C, that the Thunder were done.

Dirk Nowitzki really is the closest thing to Larry in the NBA right now. His fall aways are graceful, with touch of sloppy in them that reminds you of the crooked finger clutch king. Not to mention the ESPN crew (which I have to say are really good, especially Van Gundy) keeps showing Dirk in the gym after games and on practice days well after all others are gone just shooting. And, yes, there is the both guys are white thing as well. I know you were thinking it. It was a joy to watch. and the fact that I only won $25 on this game did not change it for me in the least. This was pure sports enjoyment. I actually had some heckling take place during this game about my bet size on the blog page. I think I defended it there and no need to repeat myself.

Is this type of win the spark that I need. Will this be the start of the Ross 4th quarter comeback? The Bruins got the win as well in a game they had no business winning whatsoever. They were out skated, out hustled, and out shot, but two good pass and shoot plays and great aggressive goal-tending were enough. If you were to say to me at the start of this series that Tampa would score 5 goals in 3 of the first 5 games of this series but be trailing 3 games to 2, I would say your as nuts as the guy taking over for bin Laden. Somehow they are getting it done, nail-bitting, frustrating, and scary for sure, but still getting it done.

News & Notes

- I am usually more of an Eastern Conference NBA guy, but I for some reason have zero intrest in the Heat/Bulls series. I like Rose alot too, but I have no desire to watch or bet these games.

- Game of Thrones on HBO may have violated child labor laws or broken a child pornography statute of some king in the second to last episode. Really disturbing.

- I hear Fox is coming out with a cartoon version of Napoleon Dynamite. It better be good.

- One good thing Baseball has going for it is the frequency of games. Its so nice to have them, I feel like they are always there to fall back on, like an old couch.

-Heard these song lyrics in my car yesterday before last nights games and it stuck me as wierd. ” The Wheel is turning and you can’t slow down, you can’t let go and can’t hold on, you can’t go back and you can’t stand still, if the Thunder don’t get you then the Lightning will.

-Keep forwarding a link to this site to friends, if you have not already. I appreciate your support.

Another paltry sum bet on a game tonight.

Red Sox Vs. Cleveland Indians Over 7.5 Total Runs ($25 to win $25)

Even odds on this, that makes the under the favorite, but as usual I have my reasons for the over. First, after saying that Beckett was going to hurt himself trying to keep up with Velander in his last start, and actually pulling up lame with a stiff neck, I still feel Beckett is next on the DL. Couple that with 7.5 just being a low number and I am liking this bet.

50/50Bets:Record Overall = 57-54-1
Best Bets = 14-7
Win Percentage = 51.35%

Kitty Total = $208.61 ($73.61 available)
($135 tied up in Bruins to win the series bet)

Profit/Loss = – ($932.82)

Long Odds Bets:
Record = 1-22
Money Invested = $490.00
Winnings = $300.00

Poker & Casino
Profit/Loss = + $101.00

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