Isn’t Karma A Bitch

Posted on May 5, 2011
Bruins Stanley Cup

1972 Last win for the Bruins

The bet I made in the entry below for the Red Sox day game in Cleveland is not exactly working out. 14-0 Red Sox was the last score I saw. Looks like the plus 1.5 runs for Cleveland will not come in handy. This now leaves me with a Kitty total of $156.11, with $135 of that still tied up in the Bruins to win their current series with the Tampa Bay Lightning. I am praying that the Bruins win tonight and I will get the $153 back plus the $100 win for that bet. So why not take that last $21.11 and let it ride on a proposition bet for tonight’s game.

It has been no secret that I have trashed Hockey in general as a sport, and I have done my fare share of Bruins bashing as well. It seems no coincidence that as the Bruins moved along through these playoffs that my Kitty total has suffered right along side my hateful rants. I even tried doing a 180 and professing my new found love and respect for the sport and the Bruins in the hopes that my fortunes would follow suit. They have not. So here I am after all this, needing the Bruins to win to save the Kitty. Ironic? Yes. If the Bruins lose tonight and I lose the side bet I am about to make in a minute, I will have nothing to bet with until Game 7 is over, and only then if the Bruins win that game. It’s Stanley Cup Finals or bust for me. So wish me luck, or not, cheer with me, or laugh at me, either was it’s a bitch.

News & Notes

- Going to watch the game at a friends house and may play some poker. So I promise to write about my domination of the table. Heck maybe I can put my winnings in the Kitty.

- I have not adjusted the total stats below to reflect the Red Sox bet I am sure I have already lost. I will have it all set tomorrow.

- Decided to take that last $21.11 and place it on two players in the “Player to score first goal” bet. Here are my choices:

Brad Marchand (Bruins) +1000
Chris Kelly (Bruins) +1200
David Krejci (Bruins) +900
Dominic Moore (Lightning) +1500
Martin St Louis (Lightning) +800
Michael Ryder (Bruins) +1500
Nathan Horton (Bruins) +900
Patrice Bergeron (Bruins) +1000
Ryan Malone (Lightning) +1200
Sean Bergenheim (Lightning) +1500
Steven Stamkos (Lightning) +700
Vincent Lecavalier (Lightning) +700
Field (Any Other Player) +200

Here is what I went with:

Michael Ryder To Score The First Goal Of The Game ($10 to win $150)

A little Hockey bird I know had this pick for the last game. That did not work out, but why not try it now.

Chris Kelly To Score The First Goal Of The Game ($11.11 to win $133.32)

This was selected because it was the next longest odds on the board for a Bruin. Plus Kelly is an Irish name, and the Irish always win.

Either one is fine with me.


50/50Bets:Record Overall = 57-55-1
Best Bets = 14-7
Win Percentage = 50.89%

Kitty Total = $183.61 ($48.61 available)
($135 tied up in Bruins to win the series bet)

Profit/Loss = – ($957.82)

Long Odds Bets:
Record = 1-22
Money Invested = $490.00
Winnings = $300.00

Poker & Casino
Profit/Loss = + $101.00

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