Mild Card Weekend

Posted on January 1, 2012

Wild Card Weekend 2012I know that the Seattle Seahawks are not in the playoffs this weekend, as they were last year, but this is still one of the weakest groups of round one playoff entrants I have seen in a long time.  Speaking of weak, this is my first article since December the twenty first (below), and despite my performance this NFL season I do have a history of the playoffs being good to me.  I like to think it has something to do with watching and betting these teams all year long, but after this season I cannot in good conscience say my readers should follow the upcoming advice for any attempt at monetary gain.  I finished the seventeen week NFL regular season with a record of 36-50-2 versus the spread.  This will clearly not lead me to a career path in the bookmaking field.  I re-upped the Kitty twice during this season ( never a good sign either) and stand down a total of $2,909.78 since I started Ross Vs The Loss.  The Loss is winning, Charlie Sheen style. But with the playoffs come new hope.  I have decided not to re-up once again for this last run, but instead I will take my current stash of $231.65 and see what I can do with it.  Outside of the Saints, not one of these teams playing this Saturday and Sunday has a shot of watching the confetti fall in Indianapolis.  But the drama will be there despite the two rookie quarterbacks, gimpy overweight womanizer, and fallen christ child.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world because the end is near and mid February (the darkest days for all sports viewers and bettors) looms.

Playoffs Bets of the Weekend

Bengals +4 vs. Texans  Bet $52.50 to win $50

In week 14 these two teams met playing for their playoff lives.  The Bengals were at home, had a 16-3 halftime lead, and blew chunks in the second half losing 20-19.  Despite being on the road this time, and of course despite having Marvin Lewis as a coach, I think they can pull this out.  I see it being close again and I like taking points not giving when it appears to be an even match.  I also like taking the team that lost in a rematch game such as this.  I also think that Dalton’s season long worth of experience has prepared him better than T.J. Yates who has only been the starter a few weeks.  Running game edge goes to Texans while passing goes to the Bengals.  Defense is even, but home field will help the Texans as well.  I am also not convinced that Andre Johnson is fully recovered and ready for a playoff caliber game.

Lions +10.5 vs. Saints  Bet $52.50 to win $50

Another match up of opponents that have seen each other recently.  It was week 13 and the the Lions lost 31-17 in the Super-dome to Brees and company.  But a closer look shows that the Lions actually had more yards on offense than the Saints and trailed by a single touchdown heading into the 4th quarter.  Don’t get me wrong I think Brees in the smartest QB in all of football (save Peyton), but he does not play defense.  The Saints D can give up some points for sure.  The Lions will have a somewhat familiar feel making this trip for a second time this year and it is on turf which they play on as well.  The number is just too large when you have two teams that can sling it like this.  If Detroit can avoid the ridiculous penalties like they had in the earlier meeting, they will hang tight in this one.

Giants -3 vs. Falcons  Bet $52.50 to win $50

I pretty much had to put the gun to my head in order to make a pick in this one.  The Giants are so inconsistent.  Eli still looks like a frightened little girl out there sometimes.  The fourth quarter comebacks I have seen have often included blind launches downfield that somehow have found Victor Cruz’s hands.  That being said I still think the Giants have a pass rush that could give Matt Ryan fits.  In addition I just do not see the quality wins for the Falcons this year.  The best one to speak of was a squeaker against Detroit in week 7.  The running game of the Giants appears to be getting back to form as well.  Lastly, looking at the coaching match-up the edge clearly goes to Coughlin.

Steelers -8.5 vs. Broncos  Bet $52.50 to win $50

I love the NFL but how is a 12-4 team on the road against an 8-8 team?  This seems like a lot of points for a road team to give to any other NFL team, but this is the Bronco’s.  Tim Tebow has no chance of winning this game, the questions is can he keep it close?  Big Ben is hurt and not his “extend the play” normal self.  Which if you watch Pittsburgh enough you realize how much a part of the offense this is.  Can Denver play solid D and slow Pittsburgh and win a 10-9 game?  I don’t think so.

News & Notes

-No update on the Wellesley story.  Media ignorance is bliss.

- Since December 21 I am 8-7-1 overall, 5-4 NFL, 3-2-1 in College Bowl games.

- No update on my former high school hoop teammate (Charles Crawford) suing the Red Sox.  I think the settlement talks have begun, but I do not expect a big number.


50/50Bets:Record Overall =  118-132-5
Win/Push Percentage = 48.23%

NFL Record Overall  (2011 Season) = 36-50-2

Monday Night Bets Record = 7-11

Best Bets = 16-14
Best Best Win Percentage = 53.33%

Kitty Total = $231.65.

Profit/Loss =  -($2,909.78)

Long Odds Bets

Record = 2-26

Money Invested = $710.00

Winnings = $1,300.00

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  1. Its A burgh thang:

    Hey ross- I totally agree with your comments about the steelers. I mean they are better than the wild card to begin with but tebow!!!? He thinks he’s gods gift to the earth- i hope they crush him! He’s tim tebow, not tim riggins!!!! GO BURGH!!!!

    06.01.2012 20:39 Reply

    • Ross:

      While I do think the Broncs and their Holy man have no shot to win I also stated earlier in the piece that Pittsburgh will not be in the big dance either. New England owns that spot for sure.

      06.01.2012 20:49 Reply

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