Frequently Asked Questions About Ross vs. The Loss

Question: Who is Ross?

Answer: I am a Sports Fan, a Writer , a Husband, and Father.

Question: What is “The Loss”?

Answer: “The Loss” refers to losing a bet.  I bet on sport events and Ross (me) does not want to lose a bet, the goal is to win.  Plus Ross rhymes with loss not win, so there you go.

Question: What is the purpose of this site?

Answer: The purpose is for me to make bets on sporting events and track my every bet on this site for all to see.  I do not make a bet without posting it before the event starts.  I keep accurate statistics on my progress including win/loss percentages. Some may want to watch a game I have bet on to follow if I win or lose.  Others may be making bets of their own and take my advice or may even bet the other way.  When a game is on and its not your team involved it can be a bit boring, but when you have a wager to follow, even it its not yours , it can make it interesting.

Question: I do not bet on sports, is that all this site has to offer?

Answer: No. In addition to making bets I will be writing a (nearly) daily article that will appear on the Front Page.  These articles may be in regards to a bet I made on a game and what a crushing defeat I took and how it happened, or it may be about the amazing comeback that took place to secure me the win.  However oftentimes the article may not be about sports at all.  I am a blow hard who likes to write and give opinions on just about anything including (but not limited too), movie and TV reviews, marriage, children, poker, and outdoor life.  These opinions are just that, opinions, which in no way are meant to harm anyone.  That being said I write what I see and I don’t hold back much.

Question: How long have you been doing this?

Answer: The first issue of Ross Vs. The Loss was in the format of a text only email to close friends on September 14, 2000.  I would send the email out with bets and commentary on why I was picking certain games.  I enjoyed writing it and proceeded that way  for about 2 years as a hobby.  Life then took me in new directions and I stopped writing.  Then in January of 2011 I started writing again, this time in the form of a self created website.  I outgrew that site and in October 2011 had a new site designed to take this passion a little further.

Question: Can I read the old stuff from 2000-2002?

Answer: Unfortunately, no.  I lost that email history years back and never thought to print these masterpieces at the time.  But I do have all articles from January 2011 to present day on the site and available in the “Back Issues” sections.  These articles are now fully searchable using the search button.  Just type in a key word like “Brady”and see what comes up.

Question: Do you focus on any particular sports or teams?

Answer: I was born, raised, and live in the Boston, Massachusetts area so for me to try and claim no allegiance or affinity for the teams in Boston is ludicrous.  However when it comes to placing bets on teams it is not wise to let the heart dictate a bet over the head.  I place bets on all the teams in the major pro sports such as: NFL football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, NHL hockey.  I also wager on college sports as well: NCAA football, NCAA basketball, including college BCS bowl games and March Madness.  I also have a great affinity for placing bets on Mixed Martial Arts fighting (MMA) and in particular the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  The commentary I write about is not focused on any one team or area, I write what I think is interesting to me and no topic is taboo.

Question: Do you really bet on these games with real money?

Answer: Yes. Legally of course.

Question: What makes you an authority on sports betting?

Answer: That’s just it, I am not an authority.  I am not a odds-making pro who lives in Vegas. I am not trying to sell my picks or anything else for that matter.  I am a regular guy who enjoys taking a side and watching the action unfold and writing about it.

Take it or leave it.