Cover Up In Wellesley?

Posted on December 21, 2011

Edmunds Road AttackOn a calm Monday this November the 28th at around 1:00 in the afternoon, in the affluent Boston Massachusetts suburb of Wellesley, a man entered a home on Edmunds Road and sexually assaulted a female teenager.  He was described to police as a balding black man wearing all black clothing and blue gloves.  Wellesley and State Police both on foot, and in helicopters, combed the area for hours wielding shotguns and assault rifles.  Around 5:00pm the search was called off as police said they were “confident he was no longer in the area”.  That is a statement that you would not want to be wrong about if you are the Wellesley police department.  It appears they were right to be confident because I suspect that by 5:00pm they already had a good idea that this black man did not exist at all.

This story as it broke on that day was not small news in the least.  It was covered live by local news stations from the ground and the air much like the police search.  Only moments after it appeared on police scanners, both the local Fox and ABC affiliates were on the scene.  Like it or not, it is big news when a broad daylight sexual assault happens in a town like Wellesley.  As a matter of fact, a similiar attack happened at almost the same time, on the same day, in Franklin Park in Boston, and the coverage was minimal by comparison.  Having lived twenty four years of my life in Wellesley, I took special interest in this dramatic and shocking story.  The fact that the described assailant was a black man was not lost on me either.  You see, I was living in Wellesley at the time of the famous Dee Brown incident, in which the then point guard for the Celtics, was made to lay face down in a parking lot accused of resembling a bank robber from a few days before.  The incident had given a label to Wellesley as an elitist, mostly white, and racially biased community, that to this day has been hard to shake.  Upon seeing the news of the attack on Edmunds Road I immediately thought of Dee Brown.  For a moment it flashed in my head that this would be another horrible chapter in the towns history if somehow this turned out not to be true.  A few days later I was talking with a friend who stills has strong ties to people living in Wellesley and also grew up there.  It was a natural topic to bring up.  ”Did you see the news the other about Wellesley” was all I had to say to elicit a response.  The response was not what I expected at all.  ”The word around town is that the girl had already gotten pregnant by her boyfriend and had made up the story so as to not get in trouble with her parents”.  ”Holy Crap”, I replied “this story is going to be huge!!”

Here we go again, the town of Wellesley is yet again going to be involved in a racially charged story of false accusations.  This will be the next Charles Stuart case.  Al Sharpton may even fly in for a press conference on the Wellesley town hall steps!  The next few days I scoured the Boston Globe each morning waiting for this behemoth story to break.  Nothing.  I then got online and searched for a few more days.  Nothing.  I ended up talking with my source one more time who confirmed the same rumors and allegations.  I asked “why is this not a big deal in the news”, but received no satisfactory answer.  I checked local sources like the Wellesley town newspaper, The Townsman, nothing.  Surely people must be wondering where is the follow up coverage?  If it is not made up then are people safe?  Was my source just plain wrong and the assault did take place?  Finally a few weeks later I found a blog site about Wellesley called the Swellesley Report.  There was a post the simply stated that the police had issued a statement and it was available on their website to read.  Here is what it said:

Several citizens have contacted the police department or Town Hall asking if there is any further information available about the incident Monday on Edmunds Road.  We understand that the event itself, as well as the subsequent search of the area, were unnerving.  The very tactics we use to make sure a neighborhood is completely safe can, unfortunately, make people feel less safe.  But as a result of the steps we took, and the Wellesley and State Police assets we utilized, by the time we pulled out of the neighborhood we were confident it was safe.

Currently, our detectives are working tirelessly on the case.  The ongoing status of the investigation, as well as the nature of the incident itself, require that we withhold any comments, theories or speculation.  Unfortunately, residents should not expect updates on the case unless something definitive develops.  There will be no composite or sketch prepared in this case.  This is an issue of investigative protocol and no inferences should be drawn from it.

There have been some housebreaks in Wellesley recently, and residents have inquired about any potential nexus to Monday’s incident.  There is no reason to believe that Monday’s case is related.  Notably, two weeks ago our detectives arrested three subjects in connection with one of the housebreaks in the area. On Thursday, two additional subjects arrested by another agency were positively identified in another of our housebreaks.  Those two individuals are currently in custody.

We have increased patrols in the Edmunds Road neighborhood.  This was done to reassure residents and help families feel secure, not because we have any reason to believe that the neighborhood is unsafe.

Residents who still have questions should feel free to call Police Headquarters, or email us through this website, and an officer will contact you.

We appreciate the community’s support.

Chief Cunningham

After reading this I became convinced my source was correct.  Something had happened or been admitted by the parties involved that had told police their was nothing to worry about.  But this just raised a larger question in my mind.  How did the media not cover this apparent result!  How has this rumor not become a story on the local Fox and ABC affiliates who were so eager to cover it in the first place.  They certainly cannot use the excuse that it is because a minor was involved.  They cover stories with minors all the time and just leave out the name out of the story.  What made this different?  Why was a story that involves a racially charged, false accusation, sexual assault, in an affluent town, not reported on?  This is the stuff that program directors wet themselves over.  If you have watched your local news these days, this story is a typical home-run, as long as you don’t blink when watching the ten second story flash by with loud graphics and swooshing sounds.

The only explanation I can come up with comes right from the source of the controversy.  Edmunds Road.  This street is in the Cliff Estates section of Wellesley.  Whoever this family is, they have money.  Money they used to make this go away.  Am I suggesting they paid off the media?  That would be insane, right.  Did they lawyer up and whip off a steady stream of preemptive cease and desist orders to every major media outlet?  Did they contact the police and send them a copy of the above statement to be quietly placed on their website?  I am not sure of any of this.  I am not the media.  But it begs the question…who is?  The culprit here is not the family involved.  It is certainly not the confused and frightened girl who allegedly made a very bad choice.  Don’t the residents of this community deserve to know what happened for sure?  The real culprit is the media. They have shown us that under the right circumstances, the pressure of power and influence, can edit them into silence.

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News and Notes

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