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Posted on January 09, 2012
LSU Tigers

National Champs?

In a time when football and religion seemed intertwined more than ever before, you have to ask yourself: “What would Ross do?”.  The reason for asking that questions is very apparent if you have been one of the many faithful readers.  You must know by now, right?  What you do is – the opposite.  I have just come off another losing weekend of NFL football picks, which I am sure is part of some record breaking string that I am too depressed to even bother researching.  I won only the Giants game and lost the other three, badly.  I have topped the three G’s mark in the lost column for the first time in my life and I have the paltry sum of $124.15 left in my account.  The goal at the beginning of this football season was to have fun betting games, make some cash, and cap it with a big Super Bowl bet.  The running stats that I have faithfully kept, and report below, speaks volumes.  The new goal is simple: Have at least $1.00 to bet on the Super Bowl. In order for this new lofty precipice to be met, I have to win tonights college football National Championship game between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide.  This is going to be quite the rematch.  A redemption game for the Tide or a confirmation game for LSU?  Lets take a look at what this swami had to say the first time this match up took place this season just ten weeks ago:

Alabama -4.5 Vs. LSU  Bet $105 to Win $100

Guess what?  This Saturday night is the college football national championship game!  Yup, the powers that be decided the hell with the rest of the season, lets just have the two best fight it out right now.  This is a rare thing to have the number 1 and number 2 teams meet in the regular season.  This is no doubt a game not to miss.  And I am talking as a guy who has not watched one NCAA football game this year.  If you are a football fan or not, this will be something to watch.  I am putting the over/under on actual heart attacks in the stadium at 3.  Two of them will be from massive (in size) LSU fans who made the trip from the Bayou to Tuscaloosa and stopped at every Home Town Buffet along the way.  I like Bama on my gut alone.  I studied this thing up and down.  They are very even.  Even records, even offense, even defense, even dominating performances against like opponents (they both beat up Florida and Tennessee).  So the scales get tipped on two things.  Home field advantage and coaching.  The refs want to go home alive, and Saban is better than Miles.

Of course this was another Loss for Ross as the Tide missed 4 field goals in the game and fell 9-6 in overtime.  So at this point I think it is only fair if I pick the other side this time, and not offend any Bama faithful as I am sure the Ross Jinx will continue.

Bet of the Night

LSU +2.5 vs. Alabama  Bet $110 to win $100

Honestly, I have done my due diligence with this pick.  LSU is healthier then when they met last time.  They are playing in the Superdome in New Orleans where half of this team played its High School championship games.  I suspect LSU is going to pass the ball more this game and try to exploit the way Bama likes to crowd the box on defense.  I also think that Tyrann Mathieu may prove once again that his the best football player on either side of the ball by creating a turnover or getting a pick that proves crucial.


50/50Bets:Record Overall =  119-135-5
Win/Push Percentage = 47.87%

NFL Record Overall  (2011 Season) = 37-53-2

Monday Night Bets Record = 7-11

Best Bets = 16-14
Best Best Win Percentage = 53.33%

Kitty Total = $124.15

Profit/Loss =  -($3,017.28)

Long Odds Bets

Record = 2-26

Money Invested = $710.00

Winnings = $1,300.00

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