Blood on the Floor

Posted on January 13, 2012

Tommy's Mother's PaintingI am not sure that my readers have really grasped the magnitude of the futility show in these pages when it comes to sports betting.  I have been doing this (offline and on) for the past 16 years.  Over the course of that time I have had good and bad years for sure.  I never have won five figures nor lost anywhere close to that.  Can I say I am about even, as most bettors will incorrectly state?  Yea, I would say that is about right.  Then, I decide to write about my betting endeavors and post it here for all to see.  If you proclaimed that you were going to place two hundred and sixty bets in less than one year, and your intention was to lose each bet,  I submit you could not produce a record as bad as I have.  The one year I decide to be a big shot and show how easy and fun sports betting can be, I get beaten like Billy Batts.

By the way I would like to thank the Alabama readers who sent along their well wishes, gift baskets etc. after my nod to LSU this past Monday.  Roll Tide.  Yet another Loss for the loser.  Believe it or not I actually have some friends that say I should stop the betting altogether and just write about other stuff.  This seems silly to me because if I were them I would ride this loser train to money town.  I did a little calculation.  If you have bet the opposite bet that I have made this year in all 260 bets, you would have banked about $4,200 bucks.  Not bad.

So here is the situation.  I have a balance of $14.15 left to work with (pathetic, I know).  As I have stated previously I would really like to try and work this into a reasonable betting amount by the time the SuperBowl comes around, without having to re-up again and add more funds to this unmitigated disaster.  I have a minimum bet of $5.00 per bet, so I can not bet on all four playoff games this weekend.  I have decided to split the money I have and bet the two games I like the most.  If I lose these both I will have the un-bettable amount of $0.01 left and will be forced to re-up for the remainder of the playoffs.  Is there anything more humiliating than betting $14.14 on two NFL games to win $13.46…Nope.  So here is to hoping that the beating I have taken is done, and I will not wake up in gurgling in the trunk of a Cadillac only to be stabbed in the gut over and over and over with a kitchen knife borrowed from mom.

Bets of the Weekend

Saints -4 vs. 49er’s  Bet $7.07 to win $6.73

San Fran will try to run it all day in order to keep Brees off the field.  The San Fran defense is stout as well, maybe even the best of the year.  San Fran is at home and this crowd misses the old playoff glory days, so this place will be rocking.  New Orleans is not on turf.  They are outdoors.  Some would would say they are even a little soft.  Their defense is not good at all.  So what gives?  Why the Saints?  Do you remember when they won the SuperBowl?  Do you remember the game plan domination and execution of Sean Payton and Brees together?  They have had two weeks to get ready.  This might be a complete blowout.

Packers -7.5 vs. Giants  Bet $7.07 to win $6.73

When will someone learn that if you take out Victor Cruz and stop any big run plays, you can beat the Giants with ease?  I think Mike McCarthy will figure out this riddle.  The one concern would be the Giants very affective four man pass rush, but look for the quick slants and crossing routs, that Green Bay does so well, to come into play to take the rush of the Giants out.  Also, I have not seen Eli throw too many picks lately, but the defense of Green bay gives up a ton of passing yards because they are ball hawking for picks.  I think we see multiple from the baby face boy this weekend.

News and Notes

- I may tweet and Facebook picks on the other two games if I win the first one and get some much needed funds.

- Its funny to me how specialized television is getting.  Just caught an episode of “Shipping Wars” on A&E, and having come from that field I found it very interesting to stick my head back in that world for a half hour and plan to do it again.

- I am Greenberg.


50/50Bets:Record Overall =  119-136-5
Win/Push Percentage = 47.69%

NFL Record Overall  (2011 Season) = 37-53-2

Monday Night Bets Record = 7-11

Best Bets = 16-14
Best Best Win Percentage = 53.33%

Kitty Total = $14.15

Profit/Loss =  -($3,127.28)

Long Odds Bets

Record = 2-26

Money Invested = $710.00

Winnings = $1,300.00

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