Butler must go down!

Posted on February 2, 2011

Sorry for the delay in updating the site, school vacation came along and yada yada yada… I was unable to do anything. I have not done any betting at all since the big game but plan on betting the NCAA Mens Basketball March Madness games for sure. By the way, this four game play in thing the NCAA has dreamt up this year is so pointless its not even worth typing about and certainly not worth betting on any of these trash games, stick with 64 teams and stop trying to generate interest in crap games that determine what? Oh, who are the 16 seeds going to be… the suspense… which one will lose by only 20 in the first roundof the real dance… how exciting!!!
On a side note, I have a season long bet with a friend that I made at the conclusion of the final game of the Tourney last year. I bet that Butler was a one year fluke at best and that not only would they not make the NCAA big dance but that they would not even win the Horizon League Tourney either! This was no doubt a bold bet and looking back I am sure some of this came from the frustation of watching Puke win another title when clearly Butler had the game within spitting distance. Further proof of the boldness of this bet was the fact that I made it months before Gordon Hayward annouced he was coming out for the draft. As it stands now Butler is in a three way tie for the number one seed in the Horizon League Tourney, with Valpo hanging around as well.
1 Milwaukee 13-5 (18-12)
2 Butler 13-5 (21-9)
3 Cleveland State 13-5 (24-7)
4 Valparaiso 12-6 (21-10)
* Standings as of Feb 26, 2011
Needless to say, the scenerio of seeding is quite complicated and will be determined by the final regular season games this Friday and Saturday. For more detail check out this link:(http://www.horizonleague.org/blog/possibilities-abound-as-league-closes-regular-season.html)
Hopefully one of these three other teams will keep Butler from winning the league tourney. But alas! this is only half the battle. For even if Butler should go down in the Horizon but wins a few more games in the process they will end up with 23-25 wins vs. 10 losses. The NCAA committee will be hard pressed not to give anywhere between a 7-13 seed to the regining runner-up from last years tourney.In this retro look at this bet as I see it now, I almost have no chance, they will make the big dance and I will be lighter in the wallet, only by 50 clams (this one is more of a “wanting to beat your friend variety” than really the money. We’ll see….
other topics for a few quick observations
- James Franco is one wierd dude, great in 127 hours, horrible as a host for the Oscars, squinting while you read a teleprompter is not hosting.
- Is there nothing less attractive than a good looking hollywood actress who tries to be funny, its a career killer, Anne Hathaway meet Jenny McCarthy.
- Kendrick Perkins will never be heard from again in a meaningful way for the rest of his soon to be overweight and injured carreer.
PS. Still trying to work on getting the old issues of Ross Vs. The Loss on an archives page. I may update before going out West on Thursday for 4 days but maybe not, check back in.

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