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Posted on March 3, 2011
records for season starting September 2000

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What you are looking at above is a printed piece of paper that I scanned and uploaded that has been in a drawer since January 28th of 2001. This was the current status of all my posted bets during the first (non online) run of Ross Vs. The Loss. Again for a little more detailed history on that see the first entry on the Archive page (“Welcome I Am Back From The Dead”) . What is striking to notice right off the bat is the lack of success for NCAA Basketball. This was regular season play not tourney time, but still that’s not encouraging to revisit. I also notice that I bet bigger amounts back then, which once I build the Kitty up a little more I expect the bets to increase along with it.

As you can see I bet pretty much anything, but have focused on Football both NFL and NCAA. I am looking forward to the Masters as I always have some good action on that and will be posting on all of that here this year. In looking at this sheet I have noticed that my new favorite sport both from a fan/viewing perspective as well as a betting one is absent. That would be the UFC ladies and gentlemen. If you have not gotten into it, well I feel for you. If you have spent one moment of your time on a boxing match in the last five years and not seen a UFC event then I don’t understand you as a human. This sport is crazy fun to watch, has wild money lines that can be taken advantage of, and almost always puts on a good show for your $44.99 PPV price. That seems like a lot of dough for some guys grappling on the ground who you are not familiar with, but trust me its worth every penny. When you get a boxing match on PPV (not that anyone has in forever…but) you only really get the main event. One decent match that most likely is not really the top two in the sport because of belt conflicts or promoters B.S. is all you get for your cash. The UFC events have 8-10 matches that take place during an event day and when you buy the PPV you get the two or three big ones plus whatever were the other 2-3 best matches of the day. The fight quality and skill of these matches are awesome. I got Rua Vs. Jones on PPV last night on Comcast…. Wow some really good stuff. No results given here, no spoiler… get it and see.

Sorry, I digress onto UFC every now and then. I have been in deep study mode with these NCAA Thursday games and all the lines are out including Friday. Here is how the currently appear on the site I use:

Thursday Games:

UConn favored by 1 vs. San Diego St Over/Under 130
Florida favored by 3 vs. BYU Over/Under 149.5
Duke favored by 8.5 vs. Arizona Over/Under 144.5
Wisconsin favored by 4.5 vs. Butler Over/Under 124

Friday Games:

North Carolina favored by 4.5 vs. Marquette Over/Under 149.5
Kansas favored by 10.5 vs. Richmond Over/Under 138
Ohio St. Favored by 5.5 vs. Kentucky Over/Under 140
Florida St. favored by 3.5 vs. VCU Over/Under 132

These are interesting match ups for sure. I like several of these games. I am not being offered any bet early discount on vigs and I do not think these lines will change much by tomorrow. So I will hold off for now on any selections. I will post at least my Thursday picks by noon tomorrow if not sooner. Keep checking in, again thanks to all, and spread the word.

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