Do You Have Trouble Keeping Or Setting Limits?

Posted on March 3, 2011

So I had limited TiVo options to choose from last night. This included a saved “127 Hours” that had already been watched twice, “The Town” which was watched once and is strictly being saved for the wife, and two “Modern Family” episodes (again saved for the wife, although I watch it as well, and it’s pretty entertaining). As a result I found myself watching the tail end of the IFC show “Portlandia” with Fred Armisen from SNL. I was intrigued enough to grab a season pass in order to check out a few, or at least one full episode before making a final decision. Once this was over it lead right into the now cult favorite “Freaks and Geeks”. I have meant to catch this before what with all the talk about how it was “before its time”, created by Judd Apatow, and staring young versions of Seth Rogan, James Franco (“127Hours” btw), and Jason Siegal. I have to say despite it being a little cornballish, especially when dealing with the younger dorks group (none of which have carried onto major success like the previous mentioned group), it was a fairly decent, funny, and well written representation of early to mid eighties middle school/high school life. I set this up for some future TiVo recordings as well, but we will see, jury still deliberating.

While on the TV train: About ten years ago where I worked, I had cause to deal with a company on several occasions that now has its own reality show. Airing on Wednesday’s at 10 PM on the Travel Channel is “Deathwish Movers”. This company was hired by our’s countless times as the third party specialty mover of typically piano’s out of high end apartments in Boston. They had a reputation of being easy to deal with, reliable, and never said no to a job no matter what the crazy circumstances. I missed the first episode but I have set the TiVo on this as well and will be checking it out tonight.

So why the big TV talk, what does this have to do with betting/sports/manly endeavors? Well because none of what I watched last night were favorites or all that engrossing really, I found myself drawn to my computer and my online betting site. Not to review the lines on tomorrows games again, but to play some online No Limit Texas Hold’em. I first sat down at a $10 six man sit & go. This is where you pay $10.50 ($0.50 is the sites take per player) to sit down with 5 other players each starting with 1500 chips. The blinds start at 20/40 but go up every 7 minutes. This is because it is impossible on my site to find an old fashion 10 or 15 minute blind structure. Everything is rush poker this, speed poker that, turbo bla bla. These faster games mean more money for the site so they have almost done away with normal blind structures. Needless to say I blow the $10.50 by getting knocked out fourth (you have to finish 1st or 2nd in a six man game to win any money). I refuse to go into a bad beat story, lets just say I was the percentage favorite on the hand that I got eliminated on. Having not satisfied my poker jones with this loss I joined a $36.50 six man sit & go that pays $147 for 1st and $63 for 2nd. I finish 3rd…. So now the Kitty is down $47.00 from this little adventure. Now I am not happy and damaging the Kitty has bummed me out, so its time for bed.

….Or I could go to the online casino side of my site? Maybe win a few quick bets to get back what I lost? Is this a good idea? Why not I convince myself! I go to the roulette table and bet $25.00 on Even and it comes up 28 red for the win. One more time can’t hurt; after all I am up $25.00 right? This time I bet $25.00 on Black and it comes up 33 Black. Ok, two for two, and what do you know 33 came up, gotta bet once more for Larry right? This time I bet on the 1-18 space and it comes up 9 red. Three in a row, I am rolling now, I could do this all night… and I have. However something stopped me dead in my tracks. It was like someone held up a mirror while I was chowing a greasy burger with hot juice dripping from my chin. I was disgusted with myself and logged out immediately. So as a result of losing $47.00 in Poker and winning $75.00 in roulette the Kitty now stands at $1,553.93.

As for the games tomorrow there is one game I want to lock in now because I like the number where it is at and I fear possible movement. So here it is:

Connecticut -1 vs. San Diego St ($110 to win 100)

I have found myself leaning towards Big East teams over the course of my betting career. It has served me pretty well especially in NCAA hoops. This year the Big East has been the whipping boy of the tourney. Not only did 9 of 11 get knocked out already, but the sports writers are now all claiming that there never should have been 11 teams from the Big East to begin with. Well let’s see if the Big East cream has risen to the top. This win or loss is determined by one factor alone and that is Kemba Walker. Have seen this guy? If he plays well I win, not, and I lose, it’s that simple. I think he plays well.

I am not making this a best bet, but I am upping the bet amount. The rest of the picks for Thursday’s games will be out tomorrow AM. Check back then.

Record 10-4
Best Bets 3-0
Win Percentage: 71.42%

Profit/Loss +$385.00

Poker & Casino
Profit/Loss + $28.00

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