Day at A Time I Suppose

Posted on March 3, 2011

day at a timeThe run continues. 3-1 record last night for a $277.50 profit. Florida did not “destroy” as predicted, and talk about good fortune getting that game into OT to allow for the chance to cover the 3 point spread! Jimmer (BYU) is for real, what a quick first step, great acceleration, great touch. I think Red might reach out of the grave and slap Ainge is he does not find a way to get this guy someday. However in the end the speed and athleticism of Florida did win out. As for UConn Kemba Walker was crazy good. My attention was focused on the Florida best bet pick and I did not see (or hear…in a bar) to much detail on his performance. However a quick check of the box score reveals 36 point for Walker, 22 in the 2nd half, and 12 straight in the final minutes. Nuff said on that. My first Money-line pick for Butler to win outright despite being a 4.5 point underdog paid off nicely as well, as they rolled to a easy (slightly scary end) victory over the Badgers of Wisconsin. Brad Stevens game plan was absolutely flawless. Can he really stay at Butler and make them a powerhouse for years to come, or does he find his way to a Big school soon? I think he is coaching his last game for Butler tomorrow. The lone loser of the bunch comes with a spoonful of sugar on it, as Duke and Arizona went way over the 148 number to finish at 170. The bitter taste of that loss sweetened by Duke getting demolished. Sorry Cameron Crazies, take off the face-paint and head back to class…dorks.

I wake up today a happy camper, but a busy beaver, as there is no rest for the weary. And yes, it is not possible to use more cliche’s in one sentence, but I am tired and typing fast. So where do we go from here? Four more big games tonight and a chance to again crack into the 2g territory. There has been some minor changes to the lines for these games from when I posted them in my 3/22/11 entry, but nothing major to speak of. These games are tougher to pick for some reason. I am not getting a great feel on these, but I am getting 50% reduced vigs this morning so here go’s:

North Carolina -4.5 vs. Marquette ($105 to win $100)

Both these teams have a bunch of quality wins against good opponents. I am not a Roy Williams fan but I feel like the Carolina front-court will out play the bigs on Marquette. Also I think the old adage that the team with the better point guard typically wins at this stage of the tourney will hold true. I hate giving 4.5 to a tough Big East team, but what are ya gonna do.

Richmond +10.5 vs. Kansas ($105 to win$100)

I just think this is too many points. Richmond has wins this year over Purdue, Temple, VCU, Wake Forest, and Seton Hall. They do not match up horribly either. I think they lose but keep it under the 10.5 number. Yes Kansas has only two losses and won 10 in a row, but Richmond has won 9 in a row as well. Plus you have to root for the spiders, cool name, 12 seed, total dog. If they can survive the big Kansas runs in the first half and keep it close coming down the stretch Kansas will tighten up and it will stay close.

Ohio St. -6 vs. Kentucky ($105 to win $100)

Of the 34 wins that Ohio State has amassed this year a large portion of them have been crushing blowouts. That means that you are not just scoring a lot of points but you are taking your opponent out of what they like to do with good defense as well. I think the youth for Kentucky shows in this game and the older wiser Buckeye’s take this going away.

Florida St. -4 vs. VCU ($105 to win $100)

This team I rode to victory in the last round and touted their “best in the nation” defense as the reason why. Well, no different here. The VCU slipper comes off. Both teams are well coached and there are a lot of good athletes on the floor for both sides. It will come down to who can make shots and get second chance opportunities and neither of those things happen much against the Seminoles D.

Three favorites, one underdog, no over/under bet, and no best bet for tonight. A 2-2 record tonight would mean my first non profit day ($10 loss) since I started this. But one cannot be negative when riding at a 72% clip. Day at a time.

Record 13-5
Best Bets 4-0
Win Percentage: 72.22%

Profit/Loss +$662.50

Poker & Casino
Profit/Loss + $28.00

Kitty Total

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