I Wish I could Go Back In Time…I’d Take State

Posted on March 3, 2011

go back in time So I just finished an entire article went to hit spell check, did the spell check, hit OK and everything deleted!!!!!! So here go’s again albeit abbreviated and angry in tone no doubt. I took a bad beat down last night and had my first losing day of the tourney. I went 1-3, but with no best bets and reduced vigs the damage was kept to a minimum. The Kitty suffered a loss of $215.00. I never liked these games that much and stated as such. Well lesson learned, if the edge is not there then stay away. Not only did I go 1-3 but the Florida St. and Ohio St. games not only did not cover but lost outright! Ouch. At this point I cannot look back and dwell. I guess that goes for the article I just lost as well… I am still fuming!!!! At this point I went into a breakdown of each loss and what went wrong and ripped a few players along the way. Then I followed up with a big diatribe on Donovan and Stevens as coaches. Still so mad!!! Here are the picks:

Florida -4 vs. Butler ($220 to win $200)

Florida athletic Butler not, yadda yadda best bet.

Connecticut vs. Arizona Over 145 ($110 to win $100)

Can not choose on the spread (UConn favored by 2.5). Should be good game, lots of scoring.

“Its a time machine, Napoleon, we bought it online” Kip

Record 14-8
Best Bets 4-0
Win Percentage: 63.63%

Profit/Loss +$447.50

Poker & Casino
Profit/Loss + $28.00

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