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Posted on March 3, 2011

keep movingI appreciate your coming by today. The impulse to see carnage is truly unique to the human race. In the animal kingdom creatures are not there just to look at a wounded or dead animal, they are there to feed and scavenge. Humans however are there just to look and think to themselves “glad that’s not me”. Well, I hate to disappoint but this is a minor fender bender, no blood, no ambulance, you just slowed down for no reason and now your going to be late for work. If I sound bitter its only the remnants of the pill I swallowed yesterday still stewing in my system. I feel much better now. The sun is shining, spring is coming, and there are three games left in this tourney to bet on. So lets begin with a few observation that came to me during these beat downs:

- I hate that I hate Shaka Smart. Here is a 33 year old coach who has taken a team from a play-in game, just to get in the field of 64, to the final four. The guy can coach and motivate for sure. My hate is not for having bet against them twice, losing both times, but because he is really smarmy. Do you get what I am saying here, there is something about this guy that makes me think when he leaves to go to Alabama or where ever he lands that the next headline will not be about returning to the final four, but about the intern who is suing for misconduct. Am I the only one who feels this? OK, so maybe the losses contribute a little… but the cockiness that Smart has that is so clearly absent in Brad Stevens at Butler is annoying. Even his name is cocky.

- Does someone at Kansas have T-Rex arms? It seems that Kansas can pay for players who are just good enough to get to the Sweet 16 or Elite 8, but they won’t reach deep into those pockets to get any further. Calapari would never have accepted a job at Kansas for this reason alone.

- Lesley Visser is so creepy. Her face looks so tight it looks like it will snap off and fly into the camera at any moment. I know I have said this before but it needs to be said again.

- Lookout Tom Crean, Indiana is going to make a move. They cannot have the best coach in their state be at Butler and not with them.

- 20/20 hindsight: Why would youth at Kentucky be a problem for Calapari? All he ever has is one year and done type players so dealing with and getting freshman to play like men is his forte. This guy is a final four machine. Umass? Memphis? Of course…Kentucky should make sure they do not glue the trophy down in the case if they win as it will be removed after a year or two in grand Calapari style.

So what have we learned. I went 0-2 yesterday with a best bet loss thrown in for good measure. I am 1-7 in my last 8 picks. I still have a winning record but the Kitty is in the red due to consecutive $220 to win 200 best bet losses versus earlier best bet wins that were only $110 to win 100. I will most likely step out this week and make some bets on some non college games this week prior to the games on Saturday. Speaking of which here is a look at some early lines for these two games:

Butler favored by 2.5 over VCU Over/Under is 133.5
Kentucky favored by 2 over UConn Over/Under is 140.5

Can Shaka outsmart Stevens? (that will be a headline if it hasn’t been yet)

Will crook prevail over curmudgeon in the other contest? (this will not be a headline)

Keep the faith, and spread the word.

Record 14-12
Best Bets 4-2
Win Percentage: 53.84%

Profit/Loss -($186.80)

Poker & Casino
Profit/Loss + $28.00

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