Suburban Crack Epidemic Sweeps Across America

Posted on March 3, 2011

angry birdsI have lost friends. I have lost family members. I have seen the horror that this plague can bring and the path of destruction it leaves behind. Work commitments missed, children ignored, never on time for anything. If you know someone affected by this vial virus you know these symptoms. The faint caw-caw sounds being secretly muffled behind bathroom doors. The sore fingers and numb elbows. The classic wide eyed glassy look from being up til all hours with no concept of real time. The lack of eating or drinking. The constant battery life monitoring. Cut off from friends and family (especially around the holidays). Ignoring calls and texts that interrupt the addiction. Even when not under the influence it dominates. Dreams of falling structures at night. Viewing your children’s Lego’s in an unhealthy way. Fascination with rubber bands and Y shaped sticks on the ground. A new appreciation for boomerang’s and Frisbee. It is everywhere. People are doing it on planes in droves. Coffee shops, convenience store lines, even at the DMV (a real problem there). Is there no end? With newer, better samples being handed out to keep the addict coming back for more. Even larger clearer delivery devices are being mass produced. When will the government step in here? Something must be done!

So I was successful with the Bruins bet last night and I must say I think I nailed this one pretty good in terms of my explanation (see Archive page 3/29/11). I have reviewed some NBA games for tonight and found one with a contrarian angle:

Oklahoma City Thunder at Phoenix Suns Over 212 ($55 to win $50)

So both teams played last night, Oklahoma City at home winning in OT versus Golden State with Durant playing 49 minutes! They now travel to Phoenix for this game. Phoenix played at Sacramento losing by 3 and now travel back home for this game. This combo of both teams traveling, both played last night, would make one think that there will be tired legs, poor shooting and the under a good play. The contrarian view is that defense will be non existent and this could be a score fest. These two teams have met three times prior this year with totals of 223, 218, and 240 (OT, 212 regulation). I like the over for a small bet.

As you can see below no change in the lines for the big games Saturday. I have still made no decision on these yet but the research continues, stayed tuned.

Lines Today for Saturday’s Final Four
Butler Favored by 2.5 over VCU Over/Under is 133.5 (Same as yesterday)
Kentucky Favored by 2.5 over UConn Over /Under is 140 (Same as yesterday)

Record 15-12
Best Bets 4-2
Win Percentage: 55.55%
Kitty Total = $1,006.43

Profit/Loss -($136.80)

Poker & Casino
Profit/Loss + $28.00

(Disclosure Notice: I have three stars in all levels, all versions, all holidays. I have all the Golden Eggs. I check for updates daily. Feel free to ask for assistance but You Tube Pretty much has it all. Caw-Caw).

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