It’s Never Over… In The NBA..?

Posted on March 3, 2011

never over for NBAThe fourth quarter starts with Oklahoma City -79 Phoenix-73 for a combined total of 152 points. My bet (Archive page 3/30/11) was that this game would go over a point total of 212. This means that I need 60 points in the 4th quarter just to get a push and get my money back. I need 61 for the win. Mind you also that both teams played the night before and both travelled to this game site in Phoenix. So 61 points is 30.5 points per team in twelve minutes of play. The totals for each team by quarter to this point have been 33,28,22,23,24, and 22, only once breaking the 30 mark. Not impossible but looking very grim to say the least. Time to hit pause on the live NBA TV I am watching and catch up on Boston Rob’s progress with his nitwit tribe-mates on Survivor. This guys is pure Boston comedy as he manipulates every sun soaked girl and mimbo California guy to do exactly what he wants in a nice Canton boy Xaverian Bros. sort of way. Third time on the show and you think I would be sick of him but he is classic.

I check back to NBA TV which does not carry this game live, but darts in and out of games all night (pretty cool actually). The score on the ticker is 87-77 for a total of 164 so I need 49 points with 8:41 remaining. Still not looking good at all, 25 points per team in a game that is now a 10 point lead? Back to Survivor. Boston Rob gives a speech to the camera saying that one of his tribe mates is so dumb he does need to blindside him to vote him off, he laughs and says I am going to tell him we are voting him off, it will be the first frontside in Survivor history…good stuff. This is beginning to take the sting out of this loss I am about to endure. I check in again and fast forward keeping my eye on the ticker on the bottom. Its now 5:59 remaining and 91-80 for a total of 171, so I need 42 points for the win. Wait, they scored only 7 points in the last 2:42! This is done. Pause and back gain to the aptly named Redemption Island episode of Survivor. Rob is now dominating a challenge with his team by swinging a bag around a spiral ring with huge throws and the other team immediately starts to copy his method. I watch this for a while and check back in at the 3:02 mark to find it is now 106-86 for a total of 192 which means I need 21 points scored for the win in 3 minutes. They are now showing this game live only to show Kevin Durant, Vince Carter, Kendrick Perkins, and every other starter you have ever heard of being taken out of the game. This is done. Time to see who gets voted out. Its certainly is not Rob because his team won the challenge and hoped into a helicopter and flew to the top of an active volcano and had a picnic lunch/feast. Here of course Rob takes a jar or cylinder shaped cookies and finds a clue to a hidden immunity idol. Which by the way he does not need, because he already has it, no one on his tribe knows this, so he laughs again to the camera as he throws it into the volcano with out even reading it. Too Funny. I check back again and the game is over. The final is 116-98. My eyes have to refocus as I do some quick math (not a very strong math guy). That’s 214? Holy crap! How did this happen? Well, I get online (after the torch has been snuffed of course) and see that the two teams went 8 for 11 in the last 3 minutes (no three pointers made), which is pretty good for scrubs. But here is the real kicker with 1:05 remaining, two consecutive Technical Fouls are called on two different Phoenix players who are both ejected. No time comes off the clock, 4 technical free throws are all made and I end up hitting a 214 total. Wow! It truly is never over in the NBA especially if you have the same bet as the referees.

P.S. Sereta voted out at the last tribal council. (Note: 37 points scored by Okla, and 25 by Phoenix in the 4th, could not find what the techs were about.)

Tonight’s bet:

Boston Celtics +1.5 vs. San Antonio Spurs ($55 to win $50)

Duncan, Parker, Ginobili, are all probable scratches for this one and even if one or two play they will not 100%. Take the Celts in this one despite being on the road.

Lines Today for Saturday’s Final Four
Butler Favored by 2.5 over VCU Over/Under is 133.5 (Same as yesterday, three days no change)
Kentucky Favored by 2.5 over UConn Over /Under is 140 (Same as yesterday, two days no change)

Record 16-12
Best Bets 4-2
Win Percentage: 57.14%
Kitty Total = $1,056.43

Profit/Loss -($86.80)

Poker & Casino
Profit/Loss + $28.00

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