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Posted on June 6, 2011

nice viewIn six years the city of Boston has had all four major sports teams climb to the mountaintop and prevail. The long suffering tag is officially dead for all Boston sports fans for the rest of our lives. Hey, Buffalo you can have that title for hockey and football. Chicago, baseball is all you, and lets give basketball (we really never had any claim to this one) to Cleveland since they are still so bitter about Lebron. But for Boston the complaining stops here, this morning, today, and for many years to come. After a few days of the talk radio love fest that will occur is there really any reason to listen anymore? Let’s face it, for a Boston fan to have zero to complain about is just plain boring. But in the end we will listen, as the Red Sox head down the summer stretch neck and neck with “team to be named later”. We will get “jacked and pumped” and the old juices will flow and the always present passion will rise, and Fenway will fill with chants and fingernails in October. But as I think about, it will never be the same. We can breath now, we are there, where no town has ever been, a decade for the ages. It’s kind of sad really, you get there and you realize that the fun, the love, the journey, is the wanting.

Now to the important stuff. I won my bet for the Bruins to win the cup and now have $550 bones in the Kitty to play with. I am back baby!! Is there a better way to start this off then lay some wood (no pun intended) on the U.S. Open golf tourney being played at Congressional Golf Club in Bethesda Maryland? I think not. This truly is a great one. A total different feel then the Masters with its rebirth of spring and pomp crap. This is where the player who hits the best, most pure and true golf shots over the course of four days wins. No slouch ever wins this one, no one and done-er’s in the U.S. Open. Par, can and does win and that is the way it should be. For the average fan who shoots 105′s (me) it is great to see pro’s hit shots out of the rough that squib out low and ugly across to the other side of the fairway. There will even be some whiff’s in this one with a wedge sliding right under the ball as it moves nowhere. It is glorious to see these golf gods look human, and the USGA knows how to do this better than anyone. The new head of the USGA, Mike Davis, made his bones by setting up brutal courses for years in this tournament, and was very hands on for this one despite his new position.

The cream certainly rises here. You cannot just be a bomber wedge guy and expect to win. You have to have it all working for you, the accuracy first, followed by great iron placement, solid wedge play from the rough around the greens, and putting that lags to the top of the crown shaped greens without rolling back down the other side, or even worse settling back at your feet. This is the truest test without question. And I will be camping in the woods with my son for about 85% of it, so try not to be jealous.

So I have put my new found dollars to work on three bets for this Open to start, here they are:

Nick Watney To Win vs. Hunter Mahan ($115 to win $100) 1st Round Only

Nick the quick gets off to a fast start as usual. You will not see me betting this guy anywhere near Sunday as his crumbles are becoming somewhat of a nervous tick. But, for rounds 1 or 2 he is a solid player with accuracy and flat out skill. I was excited to see nearly normal vig on this bet especially against Mr. cry baby Mahan. By the way, tell me Mahan does not have a little Geico cave man look to him sometimes?

Rory McIlroy To Win vs. Dustin Johnson ($120 to win $100) 1st Round Only

Talk about quick starters in majors! Rory is the man. Again, Sunday questions abound for this young one, but you cannot question how he comes into these bigs one’s loose as a goose and ready to go. A 63 in the first round at the British Open last year and a 65 at the Masters this spring. He will not be shooting that here on day one, this I know. But he will beat Johnson as he try’s to fly his crushed drives over all the trouble which just does not work with the set up provided. Best Bet

Rory McIlroy To Win vs. Phil Mickelson ($110 to win $100) Tournament Bet

Phil the thrill will have to take a chill pill as he pukes all over this course and misses the cut by a mile. Nothing like winning a Tournament bet with out even having to sweat the weekend. Rory has his own Sunday blues in big ones for sure lately, just check out the Hindenburg article from the Masters on the archive page for that disaster story. But Phil still has to be there on Saturday morning for me to lose this bet and I think he will be hitting snooze and eating a big cheesy omelet in his rented house before flying home.

News and Notes:

- I will be away with no access to my site on Friday or Saturday. I may be able to make a bet and post a short article for the final round on Sunday.

- Sunday is Father’s Day (although I like to call the whole weekend “Father’s Day Weekend” much to my wife’s chagrin) so milk it for all its worth and contribute to the economy. Play some golf, grab a beer and a bite somewhere new, and enjoy the day. I will be catching up on sleep in a real bed and then watching the final round to see which player/dad story will have the sappy tear jerker music.

- Pass the link along and thanks for reading. Marchand is a God.


50/50Bets:Record Overall = 59-57-1
Best Bets = 14-7
Win Percentage = 50.86%

Kitty Total = $550.00

Profit/Loss = – ($591.43)

Long Odds Bets:
Record = 1-24
Money Invested = $510.00
Winnings = $300.00

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