Who Cares Where He Plays… Just Score.

Posted on June 6, 2011

just scorePretty much nailed that game (below) yesterday. Site work and obligations warrent a quick pick today. Kitty starting to look healthy again. Lets see if I can keep it going tonight.

Adrian Gonzalez (Boston Red Sox) To Score A Run vs. Philadelphia Phillies ($100 to win $100)

You can’t keep a good man down to long. Inexperienced righty on the mound for Philly, and with Lackey starting for the Sox, the players know they have to score some runs. Ortiz most likely in as well, and the even money odds make this a winner bet.


50/50Bets:Record Overall = 62-59-2
Win Percentage = 51.23%

Best Bets = 15-7
Best Best Win Percentage = 68.18%

Kitty Total = $710.00

Profit/Loss = – ($431.43)

Long Odds Bets:
Record = 1-24
Money Invested = $510.00
Winnings = $300.00

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