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Posted on September 9, 2011

Red Sox - trick or treat?The below article is reprinted from the Archive page on this site dated 4/13/11.

Title: Trick Or Treat?

Have no fear little Varitek’s and Wakefield’s your dad’s will be able to carve the pumpkin and escort you around the neighborhood this year. The Red Sox are not making the playoffs.

I know it’s only been 11 games. I know there are 151 games left. I know they have a powerful hitting line-up that will score runs this year, maybe even the most in the American League East. I also know the grim stats of teams that have made it to the playoffs after a start like this and it’s not good. But I don’t really even care about that. As a matter of fact, I think they will come darn close to making it and be in the hunt for the wild card for most of the second half of the season. But in the end they will fall short. The problem is the pitching. Did anyone in Boston jump for joy when Lackey was signed….very few. The reason for that; Boston fans watched Lackey get shelled by the Sox two years running in the playoffs when he was with the Angels. He never looked impressive to me then, and he certainly doesn’t now. When your junk is 84 mph and your gas is maybe 89 mph you are in real trouble. As for Beckett, he actually earned a paycheck the other day against the Yanks. His stuff was great, but for the most part has been sorely missed the better part of two seasons. Does he turn it around and continue to pitch like he just did? Or does he get whiny and angry and start beaning guys left and right again? How about Dice K? Word on the street is that the Sox told him to stop with the nibble crap and start throwing strikes. Apparently the conversation did not go over well and Dice K may have pulled a “OK you want strike, I give strike” move by firing it down the pike and getting shelled by the Rays just to prove a point. Maybe it’s just the communication barrier, after all he has only been here for 5 years! Lester is the bright spot if you ask me and the loss last night was not really on him, he just ran into David Price.

Other issue’s abound for this team as well. Will Gonzalez get east coastitis and play like a deer in the headlights in pressure situations when he can’t hear himself think in Fenway. Easy to bang dingers when the crickets are chirping in sunny San Diego. Salty as an everyday guy? Can he handle the struggling staff, can he hit the ball, can Varitek help much? Is Ortiz done for good, or just against lefties like usual? How about when the injuries begin and Youk goes down for a 15 day stint, and then Pedroia takes his turn on the DL? What we have here is too many question marks to make a playoff team. Throw in that Baltimore looks better, and Toronto is going to be in the hunt for 2nd place in the AL East, and the Yanks will buy whatever they need, and the result is going to be a boring October for Red Sox fans.

New articles, bets, and as always, full opinions, restarting and not stopping this October…..Ross Vs. The

BTW, read this 6/30/11 article  for more insight into how this historic choke happened.

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