May the Schwartz Be With You.

Posted on October 10, 2011

You have come to the right place for what really took place in the Harbaugh handshake controversy.  This is a petty occurrence when you consider what probably took place on the field in all those NFL games yesterday.  Things that you never hear or see between players in the scrum that never get caught on camera.  If they were caught most cannot be shown on network TV. But this incident was caught on TV as are all coaches handshake moments.  Which, by the way, brings up the point of, why?  Why has the handshake moment become a staple of every broadcast and a must see?  I think it’s most fans secret desire to see exactly what we saw in this exchange yesterday or maybe even worse.  Have you not thought after your team loses and you head coach is heading out for the shake…”gosh it would be great if he just clocks that guy”.  This would be especially true if your team happens to have just lost to the Jets.

But what happened in this case was very simple.  Harbaugh has taken over a crap team in his rookie season that has been bottom feeding in the NFC for many years.  Now they are 4-1 and going on the road to face the one team in the NFC with an even better story, the undefeated Detroit Lions.  Their coach like Harbaugh is also a NFL rookie head coach.  So the Lions cannot hold onto the lead and end up losing to the 49ers by six.  Harbaugh is jumping around like an idiot, slapping the backs of his own players and yelling.  He even at one point pulls up his shirt out of his pants because it was apparently impeding his effort in performing girlish jumps and kicks.  He then sees the other coach and jumps in for the shake.  He gets the hand shake with the right hand and with the left slaps the back of  Coach Schwartz.  There is not doubt that this slap and almost push/shove past move that Harbaugh did was a product of a little FU message he was sending.  If that hand shake, slap, yelp motion could be put into words it would be saying “yea I kicked your ass”.  This is how Schwartz felt at that moment and I think his words to Harbaugh as he started to run off were to the effect of “have some class jerk” to which Harbaugh says (out of the right side of his mouth and away from camera view) “Fuck you”.  This is the obscenity that Schwartz mentions in the press conference moments after the game that Harbaugh had said to him.  This then infuriated Schwartz who had just lost, been slapped around, pushed, and swore at.  Well, that was enough for him and he began to chase Harbaugh.  This leads to the real girly part of the clip.  That is the now patented run along side while attempting a lame chest bump maneuver all while barely looking the man in the eye routine.  But we all have done that before right?

I love it.  I love the passion.  These guys work their butts off all week long to prepare for a team.  They plan and scheme and re-scheme.  They study film, and sleep in offices, and stress, and eat crappy.  Then it comes to Sunday and they see their team lay it all out there, and do what they ask of them, and either experience tremendous joy or wrench gut failure, sometimes going from one to the other in split seconds.  I would be one of those fiery emotional guys if I ever were able to be the head coach of an NFL team.  Hell, I would be that way coaching my sons or daughters teams (which is why I have not done to much of that, as F-bomb’s and coach shoving is generally frowned upon in local kids town sports).  For these guys…I understand it, I like it, I want to see more of it from coaches and managers.  I want to see Tony LaRussa of the Cardinals in a slug fest with Ron Washington of the Rangers over the course of this upcoming seven game world series.  How about some NHL coaches dropping gloves.  Doc Rivers and Rick Carlisle would be a good one.  Remember when Don Zimmer charged Pedro Martinez….ah now that was something else.  Keep this stuff coming.  This type of thing means passion, and caring, and emotion.  This is sports.  If this stops then the money has taken over.

News & Notes

- I went 1-2 yesterday in the NFL not good.  Need to turn it around tonight.  Very disappointing  to lose those first two bets.  The Redskins were getting 3 points at home and coming off a buy week against a struggling Eagles team.  I would lay it on Shanahan as bad coaching to blow that one but for Rex Grossman to throw 4 of the worst picks I have ever seen was the capper.  And to think after that horrible performance and losing the turnover battle by 4 I only missed buy 4 points and had a chance at the end of the game.  The other game I took the Saints to win by 6.5 points.  They lost outright but also had 4 turnovers (3 picks, 1 fumble) and lost the coach in the first half with a MCL and broken leg…thats right I lost the coach!  I was right on with a point fest in the night cap game beating the 42 over/under by a comfortable 7 point margin.

- The MLB World Series starts this Wednesday in St. Louis (thank you Bud and your All-Star winner rule).  The odds men have the Rangers as the favorite (bet $165 to win $100 if you like the Rangers / bet $100 to win $145 if you like the Cards).  I think this will be an entertaining series.  Kind of a classic NL vs. AL matchup.  Good pitching and defense of the NL Cards versus the OK pitching and bash ball lineup of the AL Rangers.  I am not a fan of betting whole series outcomes and tying up money for over two weeks but I think I like the Cards a bit more in the upset, but game to game and starter to starter make a difference when it comes to betting so I will take it game by game.

- Devin Hester is the best return man I have ever seen or ever will.  He got his 17th career TD return.  What was interesting is that he is tied for 2nd all time with Rod Woodson and ahead of him with 19 is only the great Deion Sanders.  But both of those guys were defensive backs and their interception returns were counted in those numbers (the both have about half from picks).  Hester’s are 4 kick-offs, 12 punts, and one returned missed field goal!  The best no doubt….ever.

Bets of The Night

New York Jets -7 Vs. Miami Dolphins Bet $130 To Win $100

The spread was 7.5 which I hate so I bought the number down to 7 so that is why it’s bet $130 to win $100 instead of the normal $110 to win $100.  Not a Jets fan but I think they handle this game with ease.


50/50Bets:Record Overall =  82-78-4
Win/Push Percentage = 52.83%

NFL Record Overall  (2011 Season) = 13-11-2

Monday Night Bets Record = 4-5

Best Bets = 15-7
Best Best Win Percentage = 68.18%

Kitty Total = $618.22

Profit/Loss =  - ($523.21)

Long Odds Bets:
Record = 1-24
Money Invested = $510.00
Winnings = $300.00

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