Emerging From The Rabbit Hole

Posted on October 10, 2011
Climbing out of a betting hole

Seeing Light!

Two Hundred Twenty Three Days.  One Hundred Ninety Nine Bets.  One Hundred Fourteen Articles.  Those are the quantities logged sine March 17, 2011.  The Kitty started that day at $1,141.43.  I now stand at $1,017.22.  I am still in the hole.  But, I am a mere $124.21 from being even.  Now for the record, I did not go south of that starting number ($1,141.43) right out of the gate, in fact I had a high water mark of $1,803.93 at one point.  However, you would have to go back to April 22, 2011 for the last time I was at four digits.  I have made a last bet twice, where if I had lost I would have been busted down to zero.  The most infamous of these last ditch efforts was risking it all on the Bruins to win Game 7 and the Cup.  From that last bet, I have climbed slow and steady, posting a total win/push percentage of 53.44% for all my bets (every single one recorded on this site).  More importantly I have posted a mark of 69.56% on my Best Bet picks (which are double in size).  Most recently the NFL has helped.  I am 18-13-2 on NFL bets this year for a better than average 60.60%.

Tomorrow, Game 6 of the World Series will mark my 200th bet on Ross Vs. The Loss.  My average bet is around $135.00, so you can do the math on the total sum wagered.  Seems like a lot of money going back and forth over a decent span of time to just be almost even, but I have had a blast doing it.  I am I any good?  Not sure, could an average joe do the same or better, maybe, but its not easy.

News & Notes

- Nothing worth betting tonight, so I am taking a break before the big 200th bet party tomorrow.

- 4 more gone from my Drop Dead Pool, down to 61 left. Never take road teams in Drop Deads if possible.

- I won both prop bets on the Ravens/Jags game.  I pulled a little Nostradamus action on the Longest Field Goal of the Game Over 44.5 yards bet.  Here is what I said, with what actually happened in Yellow.

The Jags are getting beat up bad (0-0 game no team had had a first down), after a Ravens turnover (Ray Rice first fumble in over 500 carries) or some fluke play the Jags find themselves around the Baltimore 30 yard line (it was the 28), After two plays of no yards and facing 3rd and 10 (it was 3rd and 6, sorry), Ray Lewis is sent on the blitz and gets the sack (it was Suggs not Lewis).  Jacksonville desperate to get on the scoreboard (they were about to punt and Scobee convinced Coach Del Rio to let him try) attempts and makes a 49 yard field goal (it was 54). Its good!! (Made two more over 50′s as well, first time ever happened in History)!

- I also won the over 5 Sacks total bet by the early 3rd quarter. Ended up with 7.  And as predicted yesterday as well (although not bet on) the Rangers pulled out the game last night and head to St. Louis up 3 games to 2.

- I have 7 wins in my last 10 bets and 11 out of my last 17.


50/50Bets:Record Overall =  89-81-4
Win/Push Percentage = 53.44%

NFL Record Overall  (2011 Season) = 18-13-2

Monday Night Bets Record = 5-5

Best Bets = 16-7
Best Best Win Percentage = 69.56%

Kitty Total = $1,017.22

Profit/Loss =  - ($124.21)

Long Odds Bets:
Record = 1-24
Money Invested = $510.00
Winnings = $300.00

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