St. Louis Blues…

Posted on October 10, 2011

Joe Buck and Tim McCarverI cannot image being a diehard Texas Ranger fan and having to suffer through watching this World Series on Fox.  For a real sense of how annoying this must be, we first have to to rewind to the 2010 World Series.  The Texas Rangers find themselves in their first World Series appearance in their 50 year history as a franchise.  The series starts in San Francisco and the Rangers drop the first two games losing by 7 and 9 runs receptively.  The announcers spewing their gushing comments about the Giants from the Fox broadcast booth.  It is a given fact that when your team is losing on national television during a series you loathe the announcers.  Every thing they say about the other team seems so positive and fantastic, while any comment about your team (good or bad) seems misinformed and stupid.  After all you have spent 162 games with your guys, your local broadcasters.  These guys have it right, these guys have been there with you to see the clutch hits, the great defense, and they know who not to send out to pinch hit in the 9th.  They Know, just as you Know.  Now here you are with your team in the penultimate moment of the season listening to some national hack mispronounce names and rehash moments incorrectly from a season in which you saw every play, and he is reading from a highlight sheet.  Its a stomach churner that makes you want to push the TV over Travis Bickle style.

The Rangers go on to lose the 2010 World Series.  The Giants prevail 4 games to 1 to take the title and their first win since moving to San Francisco in 1954.  Now its one year later, and as a Rangers fan you have made it back.  Your team took down the surging Tampa Bay Rays and the dangerous Detroit Tigers to make it back to the big dance.  Unfortunately the Fox World Series broadcast rights deal has not expired and once again you will have to suffer with what Fox gives you.  Adding insult to injury, is that it is the same bumbling fools that you had grown to despise while watching your team get shellacked last year.  The sense of hatred you have for these two, so called men, can be physically seen in the froth gathering at the corners of your mouth as these idiots read the witty pre-game banter off the teleprompter.  Yet here they are again.  The same two guys.  Mr. Joe Buck and Mr. Tim McCarver.

That’s right the St. Louis Cardinals are playing your Texas Rangers for the 2011 World Series and you get these two again. Now sit back and listen as the play by play guy who was born and raised in St. Louis calls the game.  So what if he attended St. Louis Country Day School, big deal.  So what if his father called games for the Cardinals for like 100 years.  Ok, so Joe himself was the play by play announcer for the Cards after his dad for 16 years.  None of this means a thing, I am sure he can be objective.  He is a pro.  Besides there is always the other guy in the booth to balance things off right.  The networks are good about doing that at least.  Whoops!  Ok, this does not look so good.  Tim McCarver was a 11 year player and All Star catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals?  I feel for you Rangers fans.  I can only shutter to think of Mookie Wilson and Ron Darling stepping up to the broadcast booth for the 2012 Red Sox vs. Mets rematch series.  If by chance the Rangers should lose tonight, game seven happens, and the Cards pull it out in the 9th with Joe Buck chiming out with a big grin; “the St. Louis Cardinals are World Champions”, there are only two questions that remain:  1. Who is the largest provider of TV’s if Texas? 2.  Are they a public company?

News & Notes

- Tony LaRussa is taking some major heat for the bullpen error thing.  I guess from a far it doesn’t’ look like a big deal but in reality, its a bigger deal then leaving in Pedro to long.  That’s a pretty bad “mix-up”.  I think Tony is on the sauce again, lets just hope he is not driving.

- So my bet from yesterday on the canceled Game 6 of Over 7.5 runs was given “No Action” and all monies returned.  Interesting to note that the pitchers are the same and the Over/Under moved from 7.5 to just 7?  Was it the weather?

- After my (not so ringing) endorsement of this season of Survivor yesterday, I watched the epsiode from last night and I have to say; the move by Ozzy will result in my kids new favorite phrase, “Epic Fail”.  But props on a good episode.

- This is now officially Bet Number 200 on this site.  All in print, all history kept, and all bets made and posted before game time. If I win both I am above the Mendoza line.

Bets of the Night

Texas Rangers Vs. St. Louis Cardinals Over 7 Total Runs Scored  Bet $125 to win $100

I have to admit that I am on the fence as to who will win this game.  Waffling enough to lay off betting the winner.  I do think that the bats will be on for this one.  I am also sticking with my theory that once a pitcher gets seen a 2nd time in a series its the hitters advantage.  Also we are not dealing with Cy Young candidates on the mound tonight either.

Player To Record The Most Total Bases (Single =1, Double =2, Triple =3, HR =4, All Else = 0) Adrian Beltre Over Albert Pujols  Bet $100 to win $100

This is a sheer math equation bet.  How often will player A get more hits than player B when player A gets less total at bats?  I think big Albert gets walked between 1-3 times in this game.  Therefore with walks not counting toward the total bases (it must be a hit), Albert just simply has less chances than Adrian.  Go Math!  Go Beltre!


50/50Bets:Record Overall =  89-81-4
Win/Push Percentage = 53.44%

NFL Record Overall  (2011 Season) = 18-13-2

Monday Night Bets Record = 5-5

Best Bets = 16-7
Best Best Win Percentage = 69.56%

Kitty Total = $1,017.22

Profit/Loss =  - ($124.21)

Long Odds Bets:
Record = 1-24
Money Invested = $510.00
Winnings = $300.00

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