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Posted on November 11, 2011
Tiger Woods Vs. Steve Williams


You were in each others weddings.   You were friends and partners for thirteen years.  Now you face each other as bitter rivals on a world stage for all to see.  Tiger Woods and Steve Williams.  Golf’s greatest player ever and his former caddie who helped him get there, will meet and compete against each other in the first round of the Presidents Cup tonight.  Williams now on the bag for Adam Scott will partner with K.J. Choi in an alternate shot format (Foursomes) against Tiger and Steve Stricker.  Ever since Tiger let Williams go a few months back it has been nothing but a steady stream of comments from good old Stevie.  Everything from taking credit for Tigers successes, to saying his first loop with Adam Scott (who won at Bridgestone) was”the best win of my life”.  Then, just the other week at the Caddie Awards in Shanghai, Williams received the award for best caddie celebration for that same Bridgestone win, he came up to accept, and said into the microphone that “it was my aim to shove it right up that black ass”!  In typical Tiger fashion he said nothing in response to the media, but a “friend” reported that Tiger had said “keep him away from me”.  Just the other day Williams was stirring the pot again about Tiger’s infidelity saying “I thought I knew him, but obviously I did not”.  Clearly denying knowledge of Tiger’s actions over the past two years which seems hard to fathom knowing how much time they spent with each other.

It is no surprise that Scott has stuck with Williams despite the controversy and the giant sized ego from what is typically considered a profession where you just shut up and carry the bag.  The reason for the loyalty is that fact that Scott has blossomed since pairing with Williams, and combined with his newfound long putter, he has been a force all season.  Tiger on the other hand did not even qualify for most of the season ending PGA events and has continued to just focus on his struggling game.  The question for this event,  this day one battle down under, is simple.  Who gets in whose head first.  Granted, Scott is the one making the shots out there and not Williams, but there is no denying that this is an extra distraction for Scott.  Williams, who will no doubt have the home country crowd behind him every step of the way, seems to be the type that will try and do or say something that no one else on the course (even Scott) would know is meant to tweak Tiger.  Williams could even just say something to Scott with Tiger in ear shot that is meant to remind Tiger of their past life together, a small inside dig from the Aussie.  The possiblilites are endless.  It could even lead to a fracas out there with Tiger wielding a nine iron, with Elin like precision, to Stevie’s cranium.

In reality though, this could be where Tiger shines.  Could this be just the motivation Tiger needs?  He is actually playing well, coming off a third place finish last week in the Australian Open, so his golf game may finally be coming around.  There were reports of low 60′s rounds while he had time off to “work on his game” in Florida.  He has a new caddie of his own that he seems to be relaxed with, Joe LaCava, who was with Freddie Couples for years and just left Dustin Johnson to join team Tiger.  Johnson is no slouch as a player and has earned much more purse money than Tiger in the past two years, so that tells you where LaCava thinks Tiger’s game can go.  As far as Tiger playing head games with the Scott/Williams combo tonight (coverage from 9:00pm to 2:00am, Golf Channel) it seems unlikely.  Tiger will just go about his business and attempt to let his play do the talking in this alternate shot format.  Its a bit of a shame that this years Presidents Cup is in Australia making for a time change disaster for the US golf viewer and the networks that cover it.  Because this will be more than interesting appointment television.  I think the best way to get in the spirt is to grab a Foster’s, grill some shrimp, make a few racist comments, and get in that outback mood… no rules, just right, mate.

Bets of the Night

Woods/Stricker to defeat Scott/Choi in Thursday Foursomes Match  Bet $135 to win $100

This duo of Stricker and Woods are 6-1 in Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup play, so they clearly are comfortable playing partners.  This could not be more important than in the tough alternate shot format.  You have to trust each other, lift each other, and putt well, and I think this duo does just that.  Nothing bad to say about the other side of this coin as Scott and Choi are having solid years, but as a duo their chemistry is just not there.  Sometimes that can be good, because it is harder to disappoint someone you are less familiar with and trying to impress.  But I just think that Tiger is getting a little tired of the B.S., is playing well, and has something to prove. Look out.

The Japan Man

Bigger than Tiger in Japan

Els/Ishikawa to defeat Watson/Simpson in Thursday Foursomes Match  Bet $100 to Win $110

The smooth swinging South African seems to have rediscovered his game this year.  His kids have gotten older and things are starting to settle in his life.  He is playing well enough, loves the format, and is very familiar with this course.  His partner (the Tiger Woods of Japan) is in his 2nd Presidents cup at age 20!  He is playing with the perfect partner who will guide him around this course since Ryo showed up late for this event and only has one full practice round.  This classic young gun/veteran combo is taking on the brash basher in Watson along with his, awestruck to be here partner, in Webb Simpson.  I think these two will clunk heads like Larry and Mo in this round and get frustrated with each other, and the consistent play from the opponent.  Best Bet

Pending Long Odds Bet

Sports Illustrated 2003 Shoot

Longshot Toms & Wife Sonya

David Toms to be the Top American Points Scorer in the Presidents Cup.  Bet $50 to win$600

So as it turns out my boy Toms was paired with Hunter Mahan and is going against Y.E, Yang and K.T. Kim.  Needless to say I am more than happy with this outcome for the first round.  This is one of the most favored match’s on the board for day one.  Here are my original comments when I made the bet:  With so many young guys and first timers on the U.S. team, Freddie Couples will be likely to pair Toms a lot.  This will give him more chances for points.  I also think he will get a day with Tiger who may respond to the team aspect of this event as just what the doctor ordered.  Toms is super steady and this course in Australia is a classic design and not crazy long.

News & Notes

- Split the Monday night NFL bets by missing the under by 1 point!  Can I ever have a sweep night…ever?

-  Possible headline in the next week or two in the Penn State scandal “Sandusky dead from self inflicted gunshot wound”.

- Another UFC event this Saturday (Henderson Vs. Shogun), bets to come on this for sure as well as Presidents Cup bets the rest of the week.

- Some great stuff on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on HBO this past episode.  Check it out On Demand.

-  Is there any conceivable way the Jets could lose to Denver this Thursday night?


50/50Bets:Record Overall =  97-98-4
Win/Push Percentage = 50.75%

NFL Record Overall  (2011 Season) = 22-25-2

Monday Night Bets Record = 6-7

Best Bets = 16-10
Best Best Win Percentage = 61.53%

Kitty Total = $567.22

Profit/Loss =  -($574.21)

Long Odds Bets

Record = 2-25

Money Invested = $660.00

Winnings = $1,300.00

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