Tim Tebow May Be The Devil?

Posted on November 11, 2011
Tebow is the Devil

For God so loved the world he gave us Tim Tebow?

I hate the Jets.  This fact is well establish in the article below (Rex Ryan…Tool).  Nothing would satisfy me more as a Jets hater than to see them choke tonight.  To watch Rex Ryan’s face as Denver trots off the field with the same record as the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jest, Jets, would be priceless.  The only problem with this scenario is that it seems almost impossible.  Can the Jets stop the run?  If the answer is yes, then Denver gets crushed.  Tim Tebow cannot throw the ball over 10 times and expect to win this game.  Last game he threw 8 passes total!  As a betting man I cannot let my Jets hatred get in the way.  When I saw the spread was under a touchdown, I had to take the Jets.  If Tebow runs rampant over the Jets for over 100 yards, throws for one score, and the Denver defense holds sucky Sanchez and the running game down, then so be it.  I deserve to lose.  But it ain’t gonna happen folks.

Bet of the Night

Jets -6.5 vs. Broncos  Bet $220 to win $200

Best bettin this one.  For how much I despise our toe sucking friend, I will say he get the troops fired up when he has to. Look for the them to come out firing on both sides of the ball.  There may even be a little Joe McKnight to the house on special teams action tonight as well.  The negatives in this one are clear.  Short week for the Jets, banged up, on the road, in altitude, yadda, yadda, yadda.  I still think that 6.5 points is stealing.  The fraud ends tonight, Tebow fumbles a few, INT’s a few, and this thing is history.  Denver will start to wonder about the future of the QB position once again.

Pending Long Odds Bet

David Toms to be the Top American Points Scorer in the Presidents Cup.  Bet $50 to win $600

(Placed Nov 14th) With so many young guys and first timers on the U.S. team, Freddie Couples will be likely to pair Toms a lot.  This will give him more chances for points.  I also think he will get a day with Tiger who may respond to the team aspect of this event as just what the doctor ordered.  Toms is super steady and this course in Australia is a classic design and not crazy long.

News & Notes

- I got so slaughtered with my Presidents Cup matchup bets.  Tiger and Stricker got demolished by the Ross curse, and my other bet (Els/Ishikawa) was a typical tease.  Get 2UP early and then blow it the rest of the way.

- Longshot bet Toms, looked like one of the sharper players on the day and got a full point so that saved the evening (kind of).  He will stick with Mahan tonight (5:30pm coverage on the Golf Channel due to weather concerns) as a partner for the Friday Four ball format and will be against Goosen and Schwartzel, with neither one of them having played well yesterday.  Good chance for another point for Toms.

- Tomorrow will be Week 11 NFL picks, so tune in for those.  I may even have some money to bet with?

- Sorry for the short article, but I am playing Poker tonight and I need to practice.  I may need to refresh the Kitty soon, a win or two tonight could help.

- Match-up bets are not available yet for the Presidents Cup tonight, I may tweet a bet once they are posted.


50/50Bets:Record Overall =  97-100-4
Win/Push Percentage = 50.24%

NFL Record Overall  (2011 Season) = 22-25-2

Monday Night Bets Record = 6-7

Best Bets = 16-10
Best Best Win Percentage = 61.53%

Kitty Total = $332.22

Profit/Loss =  -($809.21)

Long Odds Bets

Record = 2-25

Money Invested = $660.00

Winnings = $1,300.00

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