Mission Critical

Posted on November 11, 2011
Adam Scott Fist Pump

Scott Fist Pump Needed!

I am not in good shape.  The Jets blew chunks all over Invesco Field last night, pleasing my inner sole while crippling my Kitty total.  I tweeted a bet on the Presidents cup that saved my night.  I took Ogilvy and Choi over Haas and Watney and they won 1UP (Bet $60 to Win $48).  That leaves me with a total of $110.22 in the Kitty and $50 pending on the Toms bet to be the American with the most points overall.  That bet took a hit yesterday with Mahan and Toms losing to Goosen and Schwartzel 2 and 1.  So I have the option of holding onto those last dollars and betting it on one or two NFL games this weekend or I can try to increase the Kitty before Sunday and take another Presidents Cup Match-up bet.  I decided to take a shot on the Presidents Cup first and let the remaining balance ride on one selection.  Win or lose I will be picking NFL games tomorrow instead of the promised Friday picks as usual.  If I do lose this last ditch bet (I can’t believe I am at this point so quickly after winning the 10-1 odds Poker bet for $1000…I suck) then I will replenish the Kitty for the first time ever since putting in $300 on September 1, 2010.

Bet of the Night

Adam Scott & K.J. Choi to defeat Tiger Woods & Dustin Johnson in Foursomes  Bet $110.22 to win $81.64

My instincts are about as bad as you can get when it comes to picking a winner these days.  My confidence is shaken to the core and every time I think I am going to turn it around…I don’t.  I sink further into doubt.  Sound familiar?  Tiger just does not have it.  I keep thinking today is the day and it seems to never come.  I think his playing partner is not a good match for alternate shot at all, as they can both spray it around sometimes.  On the other side I think Scott and Choi, and Williams (head games with Tiger) for that matter, are playing well and consistent.  The home crowd for Scott does not hurt either.

News & Notes

- This event is just about to start so check out the progress online.

- Got spanked in live Poker never cashing in any game, bad beats and bad play abound.

- Stay tuned for a second Golf bet later today/tonight (if I win this one) as they play Fourball matches later tonight as well.


50/50Bets:Record Overall =  98-101-4
Win/Push Percentage = 50.24%

NFL Record Overall  (2011 Season) = 22-26-2

Monday Night Bets Record = 6-7

Best Bets = 16-11
Best Best Win Percentage = 59.25%

Kitty Total = $160.22

Profit/Loss =  -($981.21)

Long Odds Bets

Record = 2-25

Money Invested = $660.00

Winnings = $1,300.00

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