Dark Days Looming

Posted on November 11, 2011
Bobby Valentine

Hey Fans!

Car racing at its highest level takes significant resources.  Just ask John Henry.  Hedge fund wizard, and majority owner of the Boston Red Sox, Liverpool Football club, and Roush Fenway Racing.  One product from his racing barn, Carl Edwards just lost the Sprint Chase Cup in a bizarre tie-breaker situation after Tony Stewart won the final race of the series.  To be so close and see it slip away is never fun, and Henry is not the type to accept losing.  He came to Fenway and got two championships after all.  But since that time the other ventures mentioned above have come into play.  Despite claims that this multi-level platform of sports ownership has not, and will not, affect any of the decisions regarding the ole town team from Boston, it seems a bit disingenuous.  Red Sox nation should begin to prepare itself for some lean years.  Maybe some lean decades.  Henry’s number one guy when it comes to the Red Sox operation has always been Larry Lucchino.  Larry has always had the power to do what Larry wanted for the most part.  Now Larry finally got his wish to let Theo Epstein go (never a warm fuzzy between those two) and have a general manger in place in which he can really pull the puppet strings.  The new GM, Ben Cherington, clearly wanted Dale Sveum as the next manger of the Boston Red Sox.  However, the strings tugged and Lucchino and Henry have decided that the post game show on NESN (which Henry owns) will be much more exciting to have a personality in front of the brick wall and not a snoozer like Sveum.  Guys like Sveum are meant more for teams who think field management first and ratings and money second, which is why Theo and the Cubs made the move to secure the impressive candidate.  Henry needs his cash cow to continue to generate buzz, and be on the front page, and the lead topic on sports radio.  That need was evidenced last year when ratings were dropping, the Red Sox responded with free agent signings that were designed to make splashes, not a better team.  Now with the team coming off one of the worst season ending collapse’s in history, complete with stories of beer and chicken, and disarray, they need to do something to drastic.  Meet the new Manager of the Boston Red Sox, Bobby Valentine.

If this happens, and it appears a good bet, it will be the worst move possible.  Valentine is a clown.  Just ask any fan of the Mets.  He single-handily took down the 2002 New York team with a collapse similar to the one just experienced in Boston.  Instead of keeping the clubhouse together, he divided it.  He called out players in a ugly fashion and lost it in the clubhouse.  The thought that he will kick ass and take names, and that is what the Red Sox need right now only works if you have the players respect.  He will not get it.  After his failure with the Mets he became the american funny jester of the Japan leagues for six years.  Once sick of noodles and managing midgets, he came back to the states and started his broadcasting stint at ESPN.  In this format one can really see the lack of depth in his baseball mind.  Saber-metrics be dammed, this guy is a hunch guy, a feel guy, also known as a old school baseball idiot, with an ego well overstated based on his flimsy resume.  This circus will be fun for talk show hosts and columnist for sure.  This will not be fun for the fans of this beloved team who buy tickets.  The aging pitching staff, old veteran players, and depleted minor league system will not be served well by a dolt running things for two years or so.  This will set the team back for years to come and fans will be left watching the Yankees, Blue Jays, Rays, and Orioles (new VP Dan Duquette) take over the American League.  The most excited person in this whole saga that is about to ensue will be the newspaper editors, who get to take a vacation from thinking as the headlines will write themselves.  Here is a listing of future headlines in order of appearance.

Be Your Valentine (announced as manager)

Valentines Day! (first day of spring training)

Not So Sweet (first sweep by the Yankees)

Bloody Valentine (first clubhouse fisticuffs)

Valentines Day Massacre (Sox eliminated from playoff race)

I for one am not a secret admirer of this Valentine.   But I know that the Red Sox machine is.  They are just starting to rev their engines with the possibilities of selling thousands of Red Sox pink hats with hearts on them, and the Bobby-head doll night. Think of all that added revenue!  No 2nd place for Mr. Edwards next year. Checkered flags all the way.

Bet of the Night

Chad Ochocinco will have Over 1.5 receptions Vs. Chiefs  Bet $180 to win $100

He has been slowly (very slowly) coming along this season, with the last game being his best.  I think that Bill really wants him to do well and almost needs him to pick up his play so as not to have another free agent failure to add to the growing list.  I think he gets thrown to 4-5 times and he will catch at least two.

News & Notes

- I almost can’t help but laugh when I write the reason for my bet as I just did above.  I have been soooo…wrong soooo…many times lately its a joke.

- Worst cup clinching play by play ever for this recent Presidents Cup.  I am not sure the guys in the towers even knew it right away.  Tiger wins the hole and oh yea they won the cup?

- If the Shogun Vs. Henderson fight this Saturday was the national fight on FOX, the sport would have exploded!


50/50Bets:Record Overall =  100-107-4
Win/Push Percentage = 49.28%

NFL Record Overall  (2011 Season) = 23-29-2

Monday Night Bets Record = 6-7

Best Bets = 16-13
Best Best Win Percentage = 55.17%

Kitty Total = $475.00

Profit/Loss =  -($1,666.43)

Long Odds Bets

Record = 2-26

Money Invested = $710.00

Winnings = $1,300.00

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  1. kevins:

    Did Ochocinco play last night? I don’t think I heard his name once!

    22.11.2011 09:43 Reply

  2. Ross:

    Tweet from Last night: Ochocinco on the field for maybe three plays total! I love the helmet off shot on TV with 3 min left. Crazy bad bet!

    22.11.2011 10:27 Reply

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