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Posted on November 11, 2011

Matter of TimeAfter watching just about every minute possible of NFL football this week, including every touchdown (thank you NFL Red Zone), there is one question to be answered.  Who will the other opponent be in the Super Bowl at the end of this season?  The obvious answer would be the Green Bay Packers.  Last year’s winner, undefeated and rolling right along with the hottest quarterback of the last season and a half.  Could the Giants strike lighting in a bottle like 2008 and win enough playoff games on the road as the wild card team?  Maybe the Saints get back to the big show for the second time in three years?  How about the surging 49er’s making a long awaited return trip under the first year exuberance of coach Jim Harbaugh?  Any of these teams would be a more than interesting match.  I say that not because of some TV generated storyline of old roommates facing each other or a coach who once worked under the other coach.  No, the interest comes from seeing what ridiculously calculated and masterful strategy that Mr. William Stephen Belichick decides to display this February the 5th, 2012.

The New England Patriots will be inside Lucas Oil Stadium to face whoever the NFC produces.  They will be confident, prepared, and ready to win the Lombardi Trophy for 4th time in ten years.  I may sound like a homer and that is a fair criticism, after all I was born and raised in New England and I am a Patriots fan.  Every reporter, broadcaster, announcer, out there has a home town team.  Some display it, and others falsely claim they have no bias whatsoever.  I am being upfront and honest when I say that if Bill Belichick coached the Jets I would still claim him to be the best football coach in the history of the game because it is just fact.  He game plans like no other ever has.  Active coaches can’t say it now, but in 5 years or so we will hear guys like Andy Reid say that Belichick was in another league when it came to finding a winning formula for each individual opponent.  Belichick takes players and makes talent, not the other way around like most coaches strive to do.

This will not be the first time he wins a Super Bowl in which his defense is made up of cast off five and dimers.  In 2004 (where are you now, wide receiver )Freddie Mitchell of the Philadelphia Eagles said he didn’t even know the names of the Patriots defensive backs.  The “No Name” defense with the likes of Earthwind Moreland, Hank Poteat, Dexter Reid, and JeRod Cherry made Philly look silly on the way to the title. Does this sound familiar to this years cast of characters on the Patriots defense?  On the recent Sunday night game the telecast did not even have time to film two players saying what college they went to because they were signed days earlier.  Also, on that 2004 team was Troy Brown , a full time wide receiver that moonlighted as a corner back when Bill needed him, hello Julian Edelman 2012.   Bill is doing it again and the rest of their weak schedule will serve as even more training time for this defense to become sharp and potent like the offense already is, and has been for years.  So who will it be?  Who will Bill take to the woodshed in Indianapolis?  In the end the opponent does not matter, it will only determine the route, not the outcome.

Bet of the Night

Giants Vs. Saints Yes there will be a field goal over 45.5 yards  Bet $115 to win $100

More 50 plus yarders made this year than any other season in NFL history.  That, and the fact they are in the Super-dome.

News & Notes

- Sorry for the late entry, I know you can’t wait for these picks!


50/50Bets:Record Overall =  103-112-4
Win/Push Percentage = 48.85%

NFL Record Overall  (2011 Season) = 25-34-2

Monday Night Bets Record = 6-8

Best Bets = 16-13
Best Best Win Percentage = 55.17%

Kitty Total = $143.92

Profit/Loss =  -($1,997.51)

Long Odds Bets

Record = 2-26

Money Invested = $710.00

Winnings = $1,300.00

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